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  1. G'day Andavari, in this instance it is Necessary, Booting iso Files w/ isobooter they Must be Contiguous... ;-)K
  2. Thanx mta 4 your Reply & your Help! it happened 1st w/ Zorin Education Lite Linux which is 2.5 GB & Lubuntu 19.04 Desktop X64 Linux which is 1.5 GB & w/ Every Other iso, about a Dozen so far down to 600 Mb, ( getting progressively smaller, but I've still got another 60 isos 2 add, rite down to 9 Mb Corepup Linux ( altho it's occurred 2 me that maybe I should have started from small 9 Mb & Finished w/ 2.5 GB iso ) because as time goes by I'll be Updating them & of course the isos get Larger & I'll have 2 Defraggler them again ) it's a 32 GB USB Flash Dr. ( Only
  3. I'm having a Hard time Defragging iso image Files on a USB Flash Dr Necessary 4 isobooter 2 work... Please Help! ;-\K
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