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5.47 Partially Broken/Win 10 1809


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My Windows 10 desktop updated to version 1809 last night -- the new official October Feature Update.  CCleaner 5.47.6716 no longer cleans the following:

1.  Recent files/documents in File Explorer

2.  Reliability History

3.  Windows Event Logs (CCleaner shows they're cleaned but they're still there)

4.  Registry Cleaner keeps finding the same Application Paths Issue after every reboot (System32\DriverStore\FileRepository)

5.  CCleaner must force close Edge browser prior to every cleaning, even if the browser has been closed (not that big a deal to me)

There may be more but that's what I've noticed so far.  Thanks.


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Not a good idea to use registry cleaning on a new Windows release.

They are still adding to 1809 and several fixes are scheduled for next Tuesday in a cumulative update (things like Taskmanger sometimes showing wrong CPU reading)

I would lay off the registry cleaning if I was you, it can open up a can of worms.

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2 minutes ago, hazelnut said:

The devs read threads so I'm sure they will note it.

@hazelnut -- many thanks once again!  Seems to be a lot of stuff that needs sorting out with 1809.

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2 minutes ago, Stephen Piriform said:

Hi crizal,

Thank you for reporting. We are aiming to fix this for the next release. Keep your eyes on the Beta Releases forum as we may publish it there first to get the fix out more quickly.

@Stephen Piriform -- I appreciate your prompt reply.  Should I find anything else, I will post the information.

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