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Floppy disc drive runs for no reason when using "open-file-menue" from some software

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CCleaner apparently works fine, except for strange incidents of accesses to the floppy disk drive after I performed a complete cleaning. This happens when want to open a file from a program like Windows Media Classic and click on the "File-Open" Menue. The disc drive access is pretty short, but sounds "not correct" (like the typical floppy test at start up of a computer).


Does anybody have a similar experience? Or even a solution to stop it?



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I've experienced the floppy access issue on two XP systems, and it's royally f'n annoying! However, it has nothing to do with CCleaner in my situation and it only happens after I write something onto a floppy disk.

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I should add, that my system is Win98SE.


Maybe there is some key in the registry which needs adjustment, so the system knows not to look for floppy drives?


Would be grateful for help.



Kind regards



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when your trying to open that file, could it be that its looking on the floppy for music? or you are clicking on the floppy drive to open?

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