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  1. No issues whatsoever running cat6 100m. I have actually crimped ends on an entire spool of 1,000ft and still couldn't tell the difference.
  2. Yes this will be cat6, or siamese cable for some camera systems. augeaus: i have downloaded that program and unfortunately, it does not work properly on my end either. http://www.optimalon.com/length_cutting_excel.htm this software works perfectly however, it is limited to only 10 inputs unless purchasing for $97.
  3. Not homework. I run a security company and we are currently going green. We are attempting to go as green as possible. Yes you are correct, however we are talking about 100 separate cuts and that would be too much to manually compute. I am hoping someone knows of a code or script that is available for use, or potentially someone really loves coding/programming. Nobody within our field has any knowledge of such a site or code that will do this.
  4. When running wire, there is always waste. What code or formula could I use to determine the best cuts to make with as little waste as possible? I will need many cuts (100+) and will be using thousands of feet of cable. Cable comes in spools of 1,000ft and the proper cuts could save thousands of feet in waste. Cables cannot be spliced. Python, php, or javascript preferred. For instance, I need to cut 7 cables and only have 1,000ft spools. Lengths are: 250ft=a 250ft=b 350ft=c 150ft=d 850ft=e 600ft=f 500ft=g a+b+c+d, e, f would use 3 boxes and would have a waste of 150ft from "e box" and 400ft from "f box". e+d, f+c, a+b would also use 3 boxes but would have a waste of 50ft from "f+c box" and 500ft from "a+b box". As you an see, g would be the 4th box from the first example. In the second example, there would be less waste as g could be included in the a+b box.
  5. That was well over 2 years back. I'm curious to see if anything has changed since then.
  6. Am I alone, or iss anyone else still using thee ol' CCleaner Style for their skin on this forum?
  7. My personal creation: Life is like a box of chocolates..... a melted box of chocolates.
  8. Sure, there's no redirects or anything, because this is a custom search engine provided as a service to anyone of whom would like to create one. All the searches completed correctly, but knowing that I was using a customized search provided by another that I did not sign up for did not give me that warm, fuzzy feeling. Knowing that they were tracking every site I went to through their search definitely did not make me too happy of a camper.
  9. I've just discovered today that when searching in FF v.3.6.2, the results came back and looked kind of funny. Instantly, I knew something was up. I ran every scan including MBAM, HiJack This, and Avast, but to no avail. My search results came back from the page http://www.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-3...7%3Ac8hkjv-9xef Search a word in there and it will display the same page as mine once did. I viewed the source of the Google image, and here's my result: http://price-advisor.com/google_logo_sm.gif If this doesn't have spyware written all over it, I don't know what does. I searched the web for a good 20-30 minutes in regards to this issue, and many are having it but few are finding solutions. Being from http://google.com originally, it appears it is tied into Google as someone's "custom search engine". The question is, how did I come about this? My solution: uninstall the Google search addon and do a fresh install on it. Worked like a charm. I hope this will be of help to many, and if any have information in regards to it, please do share. Oh, and long time no see Ccleaner Forum Members!
  10. Recently, I've come in contact with a website known only as http://stupidfemales.com To all the ladies out there, do you find something of such offensive? Why or why not? I personally am a fan of their latest story in regards to Rihanna.
  11. Also noticed you use Pidgin, excellent choice.
  12. Still "reppin" the Ccleaner style!
  13. http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/03/31/april.f...computer.virus/ Quite the interesting of viruses
  14. Gmail Custom Time Tested and works like a charm. Shame you only get 10 though. Thoughts?
  15. 2. Use quotes when quoting someone or another site. 6. The quick tour may be found here. 7. No, they are not connected. They simply use the same forum software known as IPB which is why you may have been led to believe they were somehow connected. I believe, between us four, that all questions have been answered. If you've got any other questions, let us know.
  16. http://yourfonts.com Have just given this site a try and it seems to work very nicely. Displays the font exactly how I write as well. Can make virtually any font you'd like with this. Here's an example from their site.
  17. Rainy here at 39F. Can't say I'm complaining! High of 50F tomorrow. I've been playing this track for the past few hours. Quite nice indeed.
  18. TheFiresInTheSky


    True to this! 20 TB, c'mon now. We all need at least 50 TB. In all honesty, I usually refer them to google, if not charge them for help. If it's something simple, I normally charge more for their stupidity and not knowing how to use the Internet or forums. These kids need to go out and get lives. They'll all be the next "40 year old virgins".
  19. To make things easier, this could be added fields in the user profile. It could also be displayed upon registration of new members. Just my two cents.
  20. Giveaway of the Day Could anyone comment how this rates with Ccleaner? Any additional features?
  21. Today they are featuring the Returnil Virtual System Premium Edition. Just thought this may be of some use to some around on the forum. http://giveawayoftheday.com
  22. Intel? Pentium? 4 CPU, 3.06 GHz, 1GB of RAM, XP home SP2 Need to get another stick of RAM at the least for now. No, not a server pc. Just my home pc. I had a busy night and was doing a lot of stuff. It's normally around 45-50. Right now it's at 46, and I'm not doing that much. Nice use of the smilies.
  23. Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is enjoying their time off work and school. I know I am!
  24. I have to say, I have a VPS which I use for all of that stuff. Anytime, anywhere.
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