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font is blurred in cleaner settings

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I have downloaded ccleaner and uninstalled the program 4 times.Every time I download and open the program , the font is unreadable in the cleaner settings/apps. Is this normal? Iwould think the font should be of classic style so it is readable.Please help. I have heard and read so many pros about this program but since I cannot read everything legibly I am afraid to run it.

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I'm not certain what font CCleaner exactly uses however many programs require Tahoma, make sure you have in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder:

Font Name: Tahoma (True Type)

Filename: TAHOMA.TTF


Other than that all I can think of that would effect how CCleaner looks is a WinXP theme you may be using, or have customized to use a font that won't display properly in CCleaner.

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My friend has had a problem similar to yours, only instead of just CCleaner it was the entire screen. It was like that after he'd stop playing a game and the resolution changed back... but anyway, he just fixed it by slapping his computer... I don't quite recommend that though.


Can you take a screenshot of the problem so that we can see it? It would help a lot.


>> Open up CCleaner, then press the "Prt Scr" (Print Screen) button that should be up and to the right of your backspace key.

>> Then open up Paint (Start -> Accessories) and press Ctrl + V

>> Save the image to a folder that you remember.

>> Visit a hosting site like ImageShack.us and host your file, or come to the forums to put it up as an attachment.

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