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Not all index.dat files are removed!

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I would like to remove ALL index.dat files from my computer. Unfortunately CCleaner does not do this as it promises.


I am wondering if it could be a language issue, or if CCleaner just isn't programmed to remove all index.dat files after all. (if the latter, then please fix this...)


The non-removed index.dat file is located at:

c:\Documents and settings\(user name)\Lokale instillinger (i.e., local settings)\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat


I have tried to specify this file under Settings, so it would be included in the choice User's Files and Folders, but this does not work either.

(possibly because CCleaner does not recognize that the file is an index.dat file, that needs to be deleted at reboot?)


Any suggestions?

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you could just search for index.dat and make sure hidden files and system folders are checked to search.

im not sure how many of those there are or what harm could be done from removing them.

it should be deleted if its in the temporary internet files.

my guess would be that its set to read only.

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You may be aware of this but ... index.dat files typically regenerate immediately as blank files. Have you opened the index.dat to see if it has any content from before the clean and reboot?


P.S., What OS are you running? The \Content.IE5\ part of the path you identified seems unusual.

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If you're on Windows XP make certain that you do not delete the index.dat file located in:



If you enable the view of hidden files tools such as Unlocker, and HijackThis (in the MISC tools section select 'Delete a file on reboot') can delete them, although you have to do so manually.

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