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windows update SP 1

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hi ,


my english is very bad, but i try.I want update my windows 7 a few times ist doesn´t work.i shut mse down/out, i deaktivate my windows firewall.....

i had a conversation with microsoft support, i follow all the steps, but it didn´t help/doesn´t work! horrable !! ;)


my Question: i searched in my cccleaner the option to turn it off.i searched in the internet,i view threads in Foren........

what can I do.... i sad,I follow a few times all steps from the support from microsoft.my last idea was cccleaner is the reason why it didn´t work.


I DON´T KNOW, maybe somebody can help me of had some ideas(not the form microsofts support  :)  )




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How are you trying to install Windows 7?  From a cd?


The best way is to SAVE the service pack download, either to your desktop or downloads folder. Then install it. Do not run it from the internet when you are downloading it.


Do you have Windows 7 64bit or 32bit?


CCleaner will not stop you from installing SP1.

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Download a program called "Windows Repair"



and follow the instructions. This program can fix a significant amount of problems. You can also post your problem on the "www.Tweaking.com" website forum for support of this program.

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