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Output from Netstat -a.



  Proto  Local Address		Foreign Address		State TCP	foobar:1025		  foobar:0			 LISTENING TCP	foobar:netbios-ssn   foobar:0			 LISTENING UDP	foobar:ntp		   *:* UDP	foobar:ntp		   *:* UDP	foobar:netbios-ns	*:* UDP	foobar:netbios-dgm   *:*



Is there anyway to disable/close/turn-off these services/processes?


button_b.png hydrogen2nr.png


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I suspect you're using Foobar2000. ;)

If not pay no attention to what I posted below. :rolleyes:


I have no ideal if this will work! It will disable the ability to stream music over the Internet

1. Look in the "foobar2000\components" directory.

2. Rename "foo_read_http.dll" to something like "foo_read_http.dl_"

3. Run your Netstat test again.

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