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'Open Containing Folder' doesn't work

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I am running CCleaner v3.19.1721 (64-bit) with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1.


After analyzing, when viewing detailed results, the 'Open Containing Folder' option in the right-click menu does not work. When I click it, I get the loading symbol beside my mouse pointer then nothing happens. There is a 'Open Containing Folder' option in Firefox Downloads and uTorrent, and while it works in Firefox, I have the same problem in uTorrent as I have in CCleaner. So I am thinking it isn't just a problem with CCleaner, but it is wierd that the option works in Firefox, but it doesn't work in CCleaner or uTorrent. I am posting in uTorrent forums for help as well, any help would be appreciated. Also, I have been having this problem ever since I installed CCleaner, so it was there in the previous version as well, this isn't something that started after I had installed the newest update version of CCleaner.

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If you click the Windows Start button and select "All Programs" and then right click one of the programs, and then use "Open File Location",

Does that work correctly ?

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