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Ccleaner deletes needed shortcuts from Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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I have noticed a bug in the latest version of Crap Cleaner (3.16.1666) and the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (64bit), If you have Start Menu Shortcuts checked under System and you run Ccleaner, it will delete three files under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs that it should not. If you run Analyze it will show the files in the results. They come up as Immersive Control Panel.ink, Immersive RemoteDesktop.ink, and Windows Store.ink. If you view these files in Windows Explorer they are PC Settings, Remote Desktop Connection, and Store. If these files are deleted you can no longer access the Metro Control Panel, The Windows App Store, or the Metro Remote Desktop App from the Start Screen. I hope your program can be changed to ignore these files, for now I have unchecked Start Menu Shortcuts. Thank you for your awesome program I have been using it at home for years.

Long time user

Bryan Moore


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the developers read all threads, though rarely comment, so they may ask for more information

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