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Boot Manager Missing


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I think I need some help. I am unable to boot up my computer. I have tried the hard drive and I have tried the re-installation disk after changing the order to boot. I get the message: "Boot Manager Missing" hit Control, Alt Delete to restart.


I have a Dell Inspriron 530s running XP 32bit Intel® core ™2 duel cpu e4500


Any help will greatly appreciated.


Thanks, :)


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Did you mean you have an xp disc?


If so have you tried following steps like tho ones in this thread?




Do you have any idea what circumstances led to you being unable to boot?


Support contact




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Well, I tried the repair using the cd and still got the 'boot manager missing' message. I tried to reload the OS using the cd to no avail. Got tired went to bed. This morning I tried the reload again and it worked. I have no clue why it worked this am. I am sure I had been doing something wrong. This was going on over a week. Thanks guys, much appreciated.



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