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  1. And it crashed again. Hard Drive Error.. Going to get a new hard drive. Richard
  2. Well, I tried the repair using the cd and still got the 'boot manager missing' message. I tried to reload the OS using the cd to no avail. Got tired went to bed. This morning I tried the reload again and it worked. I have no clue why it worked this am. I am sure I had been doing something wrong. This was going on over a week. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Richard
  3. I have tried to restore and it will not go past 'boot manager missing' Thanks Richard
  4. Hello, I think I need some help. I am unable to boot up my computer. I have tried the hard drive and I have tried the re-installation disk after changing the order to boot. I get the message: "Boot Manager Missing" hit Control, Alt Delete to restart. I have a Dell Inspriron 530s running XP 32bit Intel® core ™2 duel cpu e4500 Any help will greatly appreciated. Thanks, Richard
  5. I haven't used this computer in several years. Nothing on it I want it is just slow slow because of all the unnecessery junk on it. i have pulled any useful stuff. thanks richard
  6. I have a toshiba satellite laptop about 6 years old. I would like to clean it out keeping the xp operating system and start over. Any suggestion on how to do it. thanks Richard
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