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one click harddisk secure delete


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Hi there


What do you think, is it possible to integrate in recuva a "one click secure deleting harddisk" button. I mean this:


Now normally you have to scan the harddisk with recuva and delete them "manually" by selecting the Files and the delete option.

But the easy way is looking like this:


- Open recuva

- Select "secure delete whole harddisk"

- Select the harddik which you want delete (may be via dropdown)

- Select the delete option (eg. "overwrite one time, overwrite 3 times ...)


Then the process starts to delete the whole harddisk. I know, it will take a lot of time for deleting the whole disk.


Ive created a little image

(Im not a designer, so sorry for the bad image hehe)


If you can implenet this feature, I think the recuva will be a really powerfull tool. Much powerfuller :) like now.

(I mean I would pay or donate for this "extra" feature)


Thx, and Regards :)

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Oh no, Im so sorry about that. :( I havent seen that in ccleaner. You're right sorry. In my oppinion, this feature should be (also) in recuva. Recuva is a really good tool, IMHO it would be "much" better if you have the both options (restore and delete) in one PGM.


But I also understand why it is in ccleaner...

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