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Slow Start up

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Good News to report !

I`ve done what you have suggested Hazelnut and I uninstalled Online Armor..

I had to check that Avast was running ok..but it was playing up.i was getting program not responding ,so i have uninstalled and reinstalled Avast and now reinstalled O.A

Both seem to be running and behaving themselves yippee !!

I have done a scan to make sure everthing is still as it was

(actually i did a boot scan with Avast and it has found an archive corrupted in windows office,but i will look at this and prob post a quick question about it)

But the great news is..it seems to have worked and now I do not have a three minute wait,everything is there straight away !


So I just want to thank all of you who posted and gave me assistance and ideas it truly is appreciated... :)




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Glad to hear you have got this problem about your slow boot sorted Fluffy.


We all learn things from these threads :)

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