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desperate for help


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i open up cleaner try to scan for problems then it shuts down, does`nt seem to want to stay open for more than 5 seconds if any one can help i would be forever grateful. tried visual basic 6 runtime thingy but to know evale please please please help

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What kind of security software do you have installed? You may need to create an exception in one of them to allow CCleaner to run.

Windows 10 (x64). Android 11. CCleaner Pro 5.90.9443.

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Create an exception in your firewall and see if that helps.Also open IE, go to tools and check the security level. I use medium which is usually high enough. You can access the firewall by opening all programs, accessories,security center. If the option auto update is seleced in options, and the cleaner cannot access the net, it may cause a problem.

If it isn't broke, tweak it.

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