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  1. Is there a lite version of CCleaner that just scans and removes and does not do real-time monitoring? I have several monitoring things installed already (Windows Defender, Avast Antivirus, WinPatrol) but like how CCleaner works. Having CCleaner installed too makes my Windows 10 very slow.
  2. When installing ANY software or update, you should ALWAYS READ the promps to see what you are installing and with what options. Don't blindly click Next or Continue.
  3. Checkboxes instead of radio buttons would be the way to go. Then, the truly paranoid among us could select both Shutdown and Restart options.
  4. Good idea, especially for those who have several programs and custom folders. The backup utility would have to account for winapp2.ini as well.
  5. Request for help with CCleaner and Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird custom profile locations: Here are the default install locations for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. (On my PC, that's where they are.) C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird Here are the default locations for their profile.ini files. (Windows 2000/XP) (On my PC, that's where they are, and they are probably also here even if the programs were installed in custom locations.) C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles.ini C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Thunderbird\profiles.ini Here are the default locations for their profiles. (Windows 2000/XP) C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[profilename] C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\[profilename] But my profiles are stored in custom locations on another hard drive. These custom locations are indicated in the profiles.ini files. L:\AdminFX\[profilename] L:\AdminTB\[profilename] Here are my customized profile.ini files. IsRelative=0 means that the profiles are not stored in the default location IsRelative=1 means that the profiles are stored in the default location Default=1 indicates the last profile opened or used My profiles.ini for Firefox My profiles.ini for Thunderbird Can something be written for me so that CCleaner can clean the normal Firefox/Thunderbird entries which are in winapp.ini and those in winapp2.ini? There may be people who have installed Firefox/Thunderbird to custom locations. That would be another issue. Here are some examples. C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Mozilla Thunderbird C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Thunderbird Note: I briefly mentioned something about this in the Suggestions thread, but this post is much more detailed.
  6. 1. Empty folders are needed for some apps to function correctly, and some files should not be cleaned. NOD32 is one app that will not work properly if you let CCleaner "clean" it. Scan histories cannot be saved. CCleaner removes a folder and .dat files that NOD32 needs, and the only way to fix this seems to be a complete uninstall and reinstall of NOD32. Simply re-creating the folder doesn't help once the .dat files are gone. Registry Mechanic is another app that doesn't work properly after CCleaner "cleans" it. 2. A warning should definitely be added to hotfix uninstallers. 3. Do not allow CCleaner to format drives, unless it's only for floppy disks. 4. If your Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird profiles are stored in another location than the default (on another hard drive, for instance), CCleaner may not be able to find them to clean them unless CCleaner can read the profiles.ini files for both apps. Can this be done? (A new thread was created to deal specifically with that issue.) Similarly, if you installed Firefox/Thunderbird to a different directory than the default, CCleaner may not be able to find the right files and directories to clean them. 5. The auto-update feature would be great, similar to how X-Cleaner (or X-Cleaner Deluxe) updates itself. 6. Thanks for adding the progress bar to the main scanning area and the issues scanning area. This thread began in 2004. It is now 2006, and some of the suggestions herein have already been added to CCleaner. It would be nice if a mod or admin could go through this thread and mark which ideas have been implemented so far, are planned for future versions, or will not be implemented. Or maybe a cover page or summary page can be added as the first post in this thread. Then the mods/admins could simply keep updating that first post as new features are added/planned. It is just a thought.
  7. I agree with that. I'd love to get rid of MRU-Blaster too! Just be very careful which MRUs you add.
  8. Why on earth would you want to do that? You could corrupt your entire mail store! You can delete folders manually in Outlook Express.
  9. Add a program to winapp2.ini http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=1110
  10. In the APPLICATIONS tab, CuteFTP Pro is listed twice: - CuteFTP 7.0 Pro - CuteFTP Pro 7.0 Is one of them in winapp.ini and the other in winapp2.ini? Are they both in winapp2.ini?
  11. ATTENTION ADMINISTRATORS: Please remove NOD32 from CCleaner and Winapp2.ini. When NOD32 is checked in CCleaner, CCleaner removes critical .dat files that cause NOD32 to function improperly. Once those .dat files are gone, NOD32 can no longer save scans, threats, and events to logs, and this causes several problems...especially if you're in cleaning mode and you don't have 'copy to quarantine' selected. A short explanation is here. There are numerous other problems I didn't mention, but this is enough to support my point. http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=3876 Now it may not just be the .dat files. Certain registry entries may also contribute to the problem. Don't ask me which ones. All I know is that the only way to fix my NOD32 to get log files working again after CCleaner 'cleaned' it was to uninstall and reinstall NOD32.
  12. I agree. NOD32 SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ADDED TO CCLEANER OR WINAPP2.INI!!! It should be removed from both!!! DO NOT let CCleaner 'clean' NOD32!!! If you have other cleaning software, please do not let it clean anything from NOD32. You won't be able to view scan logs or save future scans to log. If the .dat files get deleted, nothing will show up when you go to Logs > Threat Logs, Logs > Event Logs, or Logs > NOD32 Scanner Logs. Make sure there is at least one scan in those NOD32's .dat files at all times. The only known fix once the .dat files are gone is to uninstall and reinstall NOD32 to get the logs working again. Simply unchecking NOD32 from CCleaner will not fix the problem, but you must still uncheck it so that the problem does not happen again. Do this before you uninstall NOD32. Then uninstall NOD32 and reboot. Manually delete the C:\Program Files\Eset folder if it remains. Reboot again. Then reinstall NOD32. The logs should be working again. Do not let anything clean NOD32's .dat files!
  13. seamaiden


    Yes. NOD32 v2.5 1. NOD32 System Tools -> NOD32 System Setup -> General. 2. Check 'Do not display splash screen at startup'.
  14. FreshDownload http://www.freshdownload.com http://www.freshdevices.com I think this is the best free download manager. Some places claim it has adware or spyware, but it does not (perhaps earlier versions did, but current versions are clean). It integrates with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It works with Windows XP SP2. You can choose which columns to display, customize colors and fonts, even add a background picture. Many settings & options are available.
  15. Have you tried removing them in Safe mode?
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