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Bad idea. If you really want to disable Services, then use services.msc. If this is added in CCleaner, lots of people will have "bugs".

"Hey, I disabled all the services and now Windows cannot start ! Your program is bad !" :)

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Any one who wants a quick easy 3rd party GUI to enable/disable services does not know how thin is the ice they are walking on.


As already stated, use services.msc.

One of its benefits is that it tells you about dependencies,

which give due warning to the prudent of imminent disasters.



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The worst idea ever. System Services are far from being a piece of crap for Crap Cleaner (CCleaner) to handle.


If you are interested in a utility for handling System Services, download Sysinternals Autoruns from Microsoft corporation, a free utility that allows you to hide Microsoft services and verify services for digital signatures.

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