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Windows Defender "you haven`t scanned"message


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Hi Guys


I`m getting a message on my windows defender to say I haven`t scanned in "somemany"days.(I have it set to scan daily) ,when I react to the message and scan,nothing is found,but when i log back on again its says I havent scanned in somany days again !!

I`ve looked at the website but cant` find anything that relates to defender amnesia,have windows XP and my version of defender is 1.61.1497.0


any help will appreciated !!



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To my utter embarassment I`ve logged on again and the Defender message has stopped !and it has logged my last scan.It was saying you haven`t scanned for three days even though I had.I`ll wait and see if it does`nt log when i scan and after three days it might message me again,But for the moment i think its behaving itself,I do appreciate your reply hazelnut :wub:

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Hazelnut !!


I`ve had a "you haven`t scanned in 5 days"message ! and yes i think your correct Sherlockhazelnut I scanned and then ran CCleaner and the defender log was cleared to a date of 10/7/09 of last scan,not today of 16/7/09.

I wonder wether its best to leave it un checked in CCleaner or just live with the annoying error message?



Fluff : :unsure:

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