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"This file is overwritten with" information not correct

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I have often experienced the following symptoms with Recuva:


- I accidentally delete a file (or close Firefox without saving tabs, and then want to recover sessionstore.js)

- I immediately fire up Recuva

- There are no programs open that are writing to disk (apart from Windows of course)

- The file is not recoverable anymore, and it says it is overwritten by another file, a file that is already (unchanged) on my disk for a long time (for example part of a program that I installed a long time ago), so this file can't have overwritten the file a try to recover.


How can this be?


My system:

Windows XP sp3, FAT32


Is Recuva working better with NTFS then with FAT32?

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That doesn't quite answer JB's question though, Hazel. I seem to remember something similar to this, but it isn't easy to reproduce (I imagine, I haven't tried). I can't think of a plausible answer.

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Yeah, the bug I was reporting is mainly about Recuva saying a file you try to restore is overwritten with a file that can't have overwritten it, because the two files were existing together peacefully on my harddisk before I accidentally deleted one, and the other one hasn't changed in the meantime.

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