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Cookies being deleted?


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When I run cleaner, I don't select anything to be deleted from Internet Explorer so my cookies stay along with history etc. However, a log in cookie is being deleted from a message board visit. Are some cookies stored in other parts of Windows other than Internet Explorer? Just for the heck of it, I looked through the cookie list and I think I found it so I prompted CCleaner to not delete it (even though I'm not cleaning IE), ran a clean, and I still have to log in to that message board.

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Some message boards have a feature you must either click before logging in, or a feature in your profile that will remember your login info for you.





Yea, I know, and I've been checking that option. The thing is, if I login, leave, and then comeback, I'll still be logged in, but if I run a clean of everything but Internet Explorer, I'll have to login again like CCleaner is deleting a cookie that is somehwere other than Explorer. Weird!

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