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  1. So essentially no system cleaning software/privacy software can rid the system of index.dat files because that's the nature of Windows?
  2. I saw in a thread at Wilders that CCleaner really does not delete index.dat files. What's up with that? True, or BS?
  3. This is probably a dumb question, but if you use the secure deletion everytime you use CCleaner, will it in anyway add useless clutter to your hard drive? Or does it overwrite files with data that's already on the hard drive? Any negatove consequences to secure file deletion??? Thanks
  4. I just got this extension and after using it for a while, on some sites I go to, such as my hotmail account and suprisingly, a webroot site used to varify your version of Spysweeper, about:blank appears in the list of scripts! I've used every tool known to man to check and see if I have any malware and I'm clean (hopefully!). Can someone else with this extension report back and see if they get about:blank scripts trying to run? Thanks
  5. Do you guys just enable Firefox to automatically allow cookies or do you try and control it? Are tracking cookies a security/privacy concern? I've been fiddling around with permitcookie extension. Just wondering if it's even needed???
  6. Thanks for the reply and glad to see that CCleaner will have secure file deleting in the future. I also just figured out that Spybot has a secure file schredder as well.
  7. I know this question gets asked about every day on these forums, so I'll ask it again!!!!!!(just kidding). Would it be difficult for anykind of malacious software/spyware to recover say, credit card numbers or bank account info after using CCleaner? Without having a malacious keylogger on your computer, are webforms where credit card numbers entered even stored anywhere on a computer or in web surfing tracks? Just wondering if a secure web tracks cleaner is needed such as CleanUp!, which is free and does everything that CCleaner does, but also securly deletes web surfing tracks. I love CCleaner cause it hasn't given me a hint of problems but after purusing the forums for CleanUp!, well, it looks like it's majorly screwed many peoples computers. Thanks for any info. ps my fear is from a friend getting a malacious software on her computer that somehow got access to her Amazon account info. I've armed myself with a barage of antispyware/antivirus/firewall software but lack "privacy" software that securly deletes web surfing tracks. Oh, does Eraser freeware easily erase web surfing tracks, or is it a click and drag file schredder?
  8. Yea, I know, and I've been checking that option. The thing is, if I login, leave, and then comeback, I'll still be logged in, but if I run a clean of everything but Internet Explorer, I'll have to login again like CCleaner is deleting a cookie that is somehwere other than Explorer. Weird!
  9. When I run cleaner, I don't select anything to be deleted from Internet Explorer so my cookies stay along with history etc. However, a log in cookie is being deleted from a message board visit. Are some cookies stored in other parts of Windows other than Internet Explorer? Just for the heck of it, I looked through the cookie list and I think I found it so I prompted CCleaner to not delete it (even though I'm not cleaning IE), ran a clean, and I still have to log in to that message board.
  10. I went back and read the review and misinterpreted it. The review was not discussing the registry cleaner but instead, the startup portion of the tools menu. I love the product! The only other thing it needs is an option to permanently wipe files clean instead of just the directory entry of the file.
  11. First off, I'm a complete non-techie when it comes to computers. Getting into the registry is totally advanced for me. Is Ccleaners registry cleaner as safe as it gets? many people I've talked to say don't use ANY registry cleaner but to manually clean it out yourself. Ha! Might as well tell me to engineer a spaceship. I used it last night for the first time cause I've installed and uninstalled tons of software so I figured there be gobs of unneeded "crap" in my registry and sure enough, there was. Computer does indeed startup faster now too. The registry backup is always there but I read one review on download.com that said it won't backup the startup portion of the registry which is crucial.
  12. Drew99GT

    System Restore

    Where in system restore can you view all the restore points?
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