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Suggestions for CCleaner

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I am a very satisfied CCleaner user. I wish there were a few changes though. Under cleaning, if the 2 tabs were Internet & Windows (instead of Windows & Applications) it would make it much easier to clean only internet or windows traces (Maybe add 1 more tab under this for secure deletion of cealned files so they cannot be recovered if wanted. I wish also the analyze button were done away with. It seems unnecessary. Why not hit clean, show all the junk preselected, and if they agree, hit ok. Also if you can add removal of windows system resotre points under windows cleaning tab since they take up gigabyes of space, and system volume information possibly, but that is less necessary than system restore. Maybe add an option to turn sys restor on or off with a check mark box and ok. If the issues button could have 3 tabs, Browser Helper Objects, Startup & Windows, that would help even more in cleaning up windows. I wish there were a box you can check mark or checked by default that you can uncheck that auto makes a reg backup and that it wont ask are you sure but scan for aissues and when you hit clean remove, then remove it. Within tools, I wish there were 3 tabs, backup, defragment, and uninstal function (run win backup and defrag if present and they click it). For simplicities sake, maybe options could be a fourth tab under tools, or else like it is now, below it, i dont know, but if I could have all these things in a new release, it would be the greatest. Woops, one more thing. Some peopel work on pc's a lot, is there a way to make a version taht you can run directly off cd without installing? I would LOVE that if I could, since CCleaner is by far the best one I ever used. Thank you.



CCleaner lover

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