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    Hamachi http://www.hamachi.cc/
  2. Thanks for the links hazelnut, while those look good i think im going to build my self a multimedia PC instead.
  3. Does anyone know of any other manufacturiers who make standalone, multimedia hard disk player like tvix devices, thanks. http://www.tvix.co.kr/Eng/
  4. No delay of the slim version? sweet thanks MrG. Also is the issue with the progress bar going across the bar multiple times ever going to be fixed? because unless it works whats the point in having it?
  5. I was going to say something like But i wont, thanks for the announcement, looking forward to the update.
  6. Yes they know all that but its not like microsoft and yahoo don't.
  7. Google have just opened there Calendar project, i must say it looks pretty good so far. Google Calendar Overview
  8. For those of you who like me still use eraser there is a new version available, its been 3 years since the last version so you would expect a load of changes but there isn't. I suppose in some way its a good thing there wasn't much to fault with the last version. Download Eraser
  9. First of Oichi take a chill pill or something because you seem very stressed. The "afro hair avatar dude" is lokoike and yes he does post a lot and yes a lot of it is helpful, however i think you will find a lot of us were posting help long before he was here which is why we have high post counts. Saying we have hijacked the forums is ridiculous we live in a democracy(i don't know about you) of which the same rules apply online if we wish to voice are opinions on the inclusion of a toolbar. Guess what we shall do so, all the points we make are completely and utterly valid if you don't agree with them then don't enter the discussion about the subject. Maybe you should find a pro toolbar forum rather then moan at us moaning at the inclusion of a toolbar.
  10. I would bank on it, changes and or enhancements to the forum seem to never happen all tho they are promised.
  11. I'm guessing you decided to stay then. I think you will find the vast majority of people do despise the toolbar, some may download the version with the toolbar but the vast majority do not install it. Its also not necessarily about how long and easy it is to download and install it without the toolbar. Its also about the below and the fact that a program that is designed to remove crap from your PC should come bundled with crap even if it only "takes a few milliseconds longer to download, and takes a few sectors on their harddisk".
  12. Or he just created desktop shortcuts for them and changed the icon.
  13. Last time i checked m8 America and the UK were democracies and continue to be, and as long as they are we shall moan however valid or not point is till our heart content. If you are not interested in the same discussion then simply don't get involved.
  14. You Know web sites like fileforum etc, is it only the author of the program then can upload it or can anyone upload any program?
  15. Yer thanks for the update, i would like to know tho why the long wait tho, i know nothing about programming but i would assume the toolbar and additional languages are added after the program is finished. Yet the version with all the languages and the toolbar gets released first.
  16. I for one am still on 1.27 and will be staying on it until a non toolbar version becomes available.
  17. It seems to me when Ccleaner wasn't that well known he listened to the users etc, now its big and everyone knows about it his head has fallen off and landed in his pocket. We now have a toolbar, what seems strange tho is that i would have thought the bigger it becomes the more he can charge for ads and i would also have thought the amount of donations have also increased yet we still get a toolbar .
  18. The fuss is about a toolbar that no one 1* Likes 2* Actually installes 3* The toolbar still being present even tho the users that have been around Ccleaner since the start, helping promote it etc, have clearly stated we don't like it and don't want it. Even if there is non toolbar version available. 4* Holding the slim and basic version back for one reason or another so the downloads of the toolbar version increase. 5* Not making it more obvious there are other non toolbar version available via the Ccleaner homepage or even publishing the other version on fileforum etc. 6* Filehippo which is run by MrG or at least people of whom he works closely with, not having a warning of the presence of the toolbar in the version filehippo list. This is despite other programs which filehippo list having toolbars and having the below warning. 7* I don't like toolbars. That m8 is what the fuss is about.
  19. I think its a bit out of order, MrG muss know by now the majority of people do not want or like the toolbar versions yet he holds the non toolbar version back. It seems to me since the holl priform thing come to lite things seem to be going in a way im not liking.
  20. Do you have the relevant option ticked under FireFox/Mozilla in the applications tab?
  21. The only people who have Norton are people who are new to computers and because its the most advertised and readily available in shops, they get it. A few weeks into having it they will realize the got ripped off and more then likely either live with it because they don't know what other are available of Google around and switch to one of the others, and because Norton is so crap they will 99% of the time get a better one. Please don't ask how i know this
  22. I would suggest you check the options, or what i use is ImgBurn its basically DVD Decrypter, same developer, GUI etc just minus the dvd decrypting part, i use if for iso burning and to date have had no problems. Its also got the context menu "burn with imgburn" which you want. I even use it with Folder2Iso to burn data. In its recent update the developer also implemented multi image burning on multiple drives, it also has a queue feature if you only have one burner, which works great.
  23. Thanks pwillener but i did read the above, my post was a question aimed at MrG.
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