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  1. Even without MS Update recording your name, you probably installed many MS things such as office, which you used your real name in. Using openoffice or abiword will help you avoid this. Open any document created using word with notepad to edit it and you might see your private info, name address etc in there, just like you filled it out at install. Also, without a firewall, they can reverse trace your ip to your ISP, which they can then demand to know who is at a certain ip, and by indirect circumvention, get your real info. Have a good day!
  2. Seriously! We are people! Did you know that? So are famous people! Even the gov are people! What am I getting at? Don't trust anyone! Haven't you seen on TV every day a new celeb failing, or a new political scandal? You STILL believe that they are perfect? Who is gonna judge the wrong doing judges? Sure we need justice. But not from other criminals that have done more wrong than we have! So who is left to judge if no-one is perfect?
  3. Woops! So which root kit revealer upperer reveals the most or all of the rootkits? and is free hopefully. Does spysweeper get em all? if so, no need to change. As for Sony DRM, why the hell haven't you grapped up a copy of a DRM disk, f*cked up your pc with it, then claimed your millions of $$$ in "POTENTIAL" damages that Sony did to your "business". Why do you let them get away with giving you only 11 songs to download off their site, along with a woops, sorry. Cheap bastards! They sue people for SHARING songs under the lie that sharing is stealing and therefore piracy? I never heard such a ridiculous statement in my life. Ok, so if they sue for $250,000 per song for "potential" lost revenue, why can't we get them back? Sony? Are you listening? We have not forgot! Down with Sony $$$ theives!!! Amen?
  4. Good, good. Glad you fixed it. Now about the floppy deal. You have nothing to worry about. As long as your talking about using the floppy drive and new floppies that are not virus infected. Cause the floppy drive itself cannot be infected by a virus. Have a good day
  5. True Other things are like that. Metallica got worse instead of better, but people still paid scads of $$$ to see them live. What a rip-off. I think it should be called price gouging,
  6. Lavasoft that produces Ad-Aware produces a free rootkil revealer Webroot has one in its spy sweeper, free for 14 days
  7. I'm not. He said that, look up. What's wrong with stating what he said? I didn't criticise him for it, it's just that it looks like he already knows what to do.
  8. CPU (400 of them) 5,000 mhz X 400 (2,000,000,000 mhz) Motherboard - Intel based Audio - Creative Labs Hyperion / 496 bit audio sampling / 1,024 midi instrument voices / + or - 0.01 clock error Video - ATI / 32 X AGP ATI Radeon Extreme 300 gig 2,000 mhz mem (1,024 bit color) USB - 4.0 / 300 X usb 1.0 speeds Speakers - Cerwin Vega Earthquake Series / 200,000 watt sub series w/remote / 100 in sub LAN - 600 terabytes sec / optical Ram - 500 X 1,024 mb sticks (500,000 mb) Hard Disk - Seagate 30,000 rpm 2,000 terabyte w/100 gig cache. Less than 0.00000000000005 seek time. Output total - 300,000 terabytes / sec Monitor - NEC flat panel crt / 10 billion scans sec / 16 mi wide by 12 mi high resolution / 800 billion colors I know this is slow... maybe someone can beat it easily with a cheap system from tiger direct. I don't know. Let me know if this sucks.
  9. "right now i have an issue with my sound card. when i play some music, the music always plays fine but the left speaker sound very lower than the right speaker." i know this is a problem with the sound card because the Balance thing is at the middle everywhere. so...any thoughts?" A kadjillion possibilities have been suggested. by me + others. But he already knows what the problem is. Thanks! Problem solved. He doesn't need our help,
  10. Don't be afraid to try it. Life is dangerous like that. However, if you "break" the computer, at least your alive and there are other computers. Risks taken into account, it seems like a worthy rise to take.
  11. That was a very nice and logical suggestion, zaph. I mentioned it above, however, but he said he knew for certain it is in his sound card. I guess he really doesn't need our help, hee hee!
  12. If you know it is with the sound card, why don't you rip the sound card off any old computer, or get a cheap 19 or 29 buck creative labs card? You could waste hours on the problem, but time is money. If you spend 8 hours thinking how to fix it, thats how many dollars that you could have already made? yep, you could of bought a new card just as cheap. Just interested, why do you specifically want to save this faulty card as opposed to using another card that works? Thanks! Peace.
  13. Here are some things to try: Make sure your sound card is fully seated propery, or reseat it. (make sure the pc is off first) Be sure to make sure that your line out cable is securely connected, as a half in / out may produce symptons such as that, or perhaps only one channel even. Some sound cards have multiple outputs. Make sure you really have it in the audio out. Conversely, if you DO have multi-outs & can't get it to work properly, try the other to see if it does better. Get a stereo to mono converter, and run both speakers off the same signal if you must, to see if that corrects the volume. Check your stereo, or speakers, to be sure the wires are fully & not half connected. Be sure if using a stereo, that one side is not set to stereo main, while you have the other connected to the weaker front, or center channel audio. Switch them to see if the problem is in the stereo or soundcard if you have to, (does the strong speaker go weak? etc) Or test a cd / radio to see if it has equal volume through the stereo to determine if you need to fix it on the stereo or pc end. Go to the control panel, sound, make sure you enable the taskbar speak icon & double click it. Be sure the left / right sliders are all dead center, or if you relaly need to, set it offset, till the speakers sound the same. If using win media player, be sure under sound options that it is not set improperly there, be sure left / right are the same. Download & use the latest audio driver for your sound card. If you have to, just wire both speakers to the same signal, or if on the stereo, let them use the same side, but use 1/2 to 75% the normal volume you normally use to keep from overheating the stereo. If you have a high power stereo, you may not use much volume so that may not be necessary anyway. If using USB audio, switch to another mode or use another usb port if available, to see if it does better. Test your usb card seating. Please let me know if any of this helps. Thanks! If these still do not work & you need more help, let me know. P.S., I mentioned the sound card balance because if you double click the volume control in the task tray, go to advanced properties, there are usually additional audio sliders you can add. If you see things like wave audio, cd audio, etc, add those and be sure they are centered. Thanks!
  14. Your right! The only time C-Cleaner should install anything, is if it is something necessary to get rid of some kind of trash, or to remove other annoying things. Adding a toolbar doesn't make sense to me, as it just adds more things to get rid of (manually). I thought the object was to make cleanup as automatic as possible. I am sure that the C-Cleaner toolbar is probably the best toolbar ever invented, however, why have more crap if you can have less of it? Amen? AMEN!!!
  15. Why do you have to make it so complicated? Who cares if it is a common or who knows what startup. 1) Anything that starts is a startup item 2) It isn't that hard to scrap the other tools & use C-Cleaner. How hard is it do get rid of start items? It's not the end of the world, after all.
  16. http://www.dvdidle.com/free.htm It is from a chinese company. Feng something software. Program is in english. It is FREE + removes the newer Sony Arcos Protection from your dvd you are making a backup of. DVD Decrypter cannot remove sony arcos. Production was stopped by macromedia going to his door & issuing a cease order. They cannot stop this company because of them being in china. Go China, GO!!!
  17. I've used that cleaner from the .nl website. Here is another good free one also. http://stevengould.org/ Cleanup 4.0 - It can be made to run off cd if you browse to the program directory and burn it's folder to cd. You don't really need the uninstall.exe or uninstall.dat since you are running off cd, so you can delete those. The .dat only tells the uninstall.exe where to look anyway. But that was if you were installing it. Cleanup can remove almost as much junk as C-Cleaner can. It's fast. Free. I think it cleans all user folders. But I'm not sure. You can use winrar to make a silent installer to make it "install" cleanup to c;\program files & run the cleanup executable if you wish, so you can have options. Otherwise, standard are fine but just running it won't give you advance options to select. You probably won't be needing to delete anyone's shortcut's anytime soon. Just their internet garbage + pc trash. C-Cleaner does have it beat though. Reg cleaner, startup cleaner (no more msconfig!!! hooray!!!), secure wipe, add/remove programs ability. Mmmmm... Perfect... if I can run it off cd. But it won't yet. Why? What is it about installing C-Cleaner that makes it only run when you install it? Is it a registry key? .dll file? What am I missing? Thanks!!!
  18. Excellent posts!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * If you make one for IE, is there any chance for one for Firefox or Opera? Those are the 3 main browsers now. Don't worry about the rest. If you cover those, you hit probably 98% of the market or more. * Is there a way to opt out during install for those who don't need the toolbar(s)? (Thanks Tarun 4 the excellent idea) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Any chance of maybe a version that runs off cd with an option to kill all running processes, with that option checked by default EXCEPT CCleaner + all cleaning options selected (Spyware infested machines slowing cleaning to a crawl)? It may sound weird, but I have seen some machines so infected that even though they have a fast machine + 1 gig of mem or more, having so many spywares loaded in mem really brings their system (& cleaning) to a grind. Having this option would really speed things up. * Any way to add BHO removal with the tool section where you have add/remove & startup? It only affects IE, but a way to reset IE to default search + disable / remove Browser Helper Objects would be nice. BHO are located in a registry key ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *BHOs can do absolutely ANYTHING to your system, & they are often installed without your knowledge. There is a LOT of abuse by vendors, as I see Internet Explorer causing the main problems I encounter on computers. Users of Firefox or Opera just do NOT seem to get quite as many viruses / spywares installed. (See: http://www.definitivesolutions.com/bhodemon.htm) *Internet Explorer reads the registry, looks up keys stored in the HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Browser Helper Objects registry hive and loads all the objects whose CLSID is stored there upon Browser (or new Browser Window) launch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * This is the ONLY place that BHO data is stored from what I read, so it should be relatively simple to implement. Firefox & Opera do not have this problem. This would clean even MORE junk off a PC & make me one very happy person. * Also, C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files tends to get corrupted over time, causing errors on the pc when using apps like yahoo. Any chance to add this oft overlooked dir to the list of cleaned directories? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Many thanks MR. G!!! --- You da' best!!!
  19. Sometimes I actually think that would be better! But then I couldn't have my friends over-seas to talk to. And what of people that marry people from other countries? I mean, no matter what the gov says, PSST!!! There ARE a lot of nice people in other countries. Why are we fighting wars against our own distant brothers & sisters in the family tree. We are ALL related, and if we go back far enough, we come from the same 2 people. Even if we don't, we are all humans, no race is better than another, we are all equal in love if you really love people. That is the main thing, put love first, and not religion, killing people, etc and then the world will change. Until then, hate to tell you but killing people only makes more people get killed. I have never know a war that didn't breed an eventual (always by surprise if they are able, think pearl harbor) hey, let's get revenge. True, you might "win" for now, but those innocent people's families you kill in the process are gonna demand justice, & so we go back and forth with noone having a definite hand for more than a few years / decades. Technology is catching up or surpassing USA in some countries as we sit, encumbered by laws of greed that take away freedoms, new discoveries that won't pollute (oil industry fighting for it's cash cow), etc. How long before our laws regulate us back to the stone ages while a NEW super power emerges?
  20. I wish it can show the start menu so I can select multiple folders to delete + each shortcut on it. Check mark them off. Hide or delete. Hidden ones could be reenabled later. Delete would erase them for good. Handy for when XP installs their advertisements for catelog, or unnecessary shortcuts.
  21. Maybe as a final note, have an archive section. Messages over say, a year old that are not pinned can be automatically moved to the archive section. That way, you still have all messages, but the older ones are not wasting space along with current issues.
  22. Hmmmm... deep... I wish you were wrong, cause I feel bad calling people lazy... dishonest... bad... but... it's so true. On the bright side, a few good people do exist. Let's think on the good things.
  23. Treacherous Computing is dead. BAM! GONE! No longer exists! Cause I am not buying it. Poor MS! Sorry... another nail in their coffin! Woops! P.S. Is this yet another attempt by MS to SEEM legit so they can "force" us to pay them again & again & again? Don't be shocked cause it's exatly what the music industry is trying to do to us now. & movie. & MS It's all cause of money. Money is the whole problem. When will we get rid of it so people will be kind, caring, & helpful again? Not greedy, 2-faced, lying sons a b*tches
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