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BBC Website Hit By Denial Of Service attack


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Even one of the UK's most popular websites can't escape Denial of Service attacks, which are reaching ever higher levels of traffic.


The BBC website has been hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, according to reports.


According to a statement sent to the Inquirer with confirmation from server uptime monitoring company Pingdom, the attack crippled the performance of the website last Thursday (6 November).


The attack lasted from 6pm to 11pm. Downtime was spread over multiple short intervals, each lasting a few minutes. This led to a total period of more than an hour where the website was not responding at all.

ITPRO Article

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There's a bit more to that story

BBC team buys a botnet, DDoSes security company Prevx

Posted by Dancho Danchev @ 6:46 am


Update: BBC Click?s tweet states that they took legal advice following comments on the potential violation of U.K?s Computer Misuse Act.


There?s a slight chance that you may have unknowingly participated in a recent experiment conducted by the BBC.


In a bit of an awkward and highly unnecessary move, a team at the BBC?s technology program Click has purchased a botnet consisting of 22,000 malware infected PCs, self-spammed themselves on a Gmail account, and later on DDoS-ed a a backup site owned by security company Prevx (with prior agreement), all for the sake of proving that botnets in general do what they?re supposed to - facilitate cybercrime.





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