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wash free space feature

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Secure delete actually do this... search for it in the advanced tab of configuration... it destroy every trace of your files... but I don't know if it do the same with the files you already have deleted...

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Abc wants to wipe existing free space. Its rather difficult to explain the logic behind this. Any file that CC securely deletes is simply that. But files created and deleted by other applications may remain in unallocated space in which case CC wouldnt securely delete them.


The best example of this I could think of... In Internet Explorer I have the option enabled to empty temporary files on exit. If I browse with IE and exit the files (html, css, images etc) are discarded. If I run CC it wont securely delete those files because there isnt anything to delete.


By wiping the free space, in theory those previously deleted files that IE removed would be securely wiped.


My personal opinion on wiping free space is that its just not logical for most users. I cant think of a single scenario where someone would need/require such a thing. Especialy on a reoccuring basis. If your recycling a drive or passing your drive on to someone else, there are specific applications and methods to destroy data.


But to do this on a regular basis to prevent say a spouse from using file recovery software to determine your browsing habbits (or similar)... Well if someone would go to that extreme you have bigger problems than what your hidding.


Besides. After a couple days of data being written and removed those files become less and less recoverable. Programs like Recuva may show you a list of hundreds of files. But start recovering those files and try opening them. You'll find many are damaged and cant be read.

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