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  1. So far no luck. Ive set the cleanup to be scheduled for 24 hours and 50 mb's. Tried clearing data + cache and going through the step by step permission granting. Started a support ticket and we'll go from there.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I did make sure its excluded from sleeping apps and also excluded from optimized apps. But... Your question got me thinking about something. I have CCleaner's background data use set to not allowed. Im going to enable it. Maybe it cant clean in the background because the app cant verify my license? Maybe. But yeah you got me thinking about a possible cause. Im gonna try it and I will make sure to report back either way. Thanks again for the reply, I have a strong suspicion the background data could be the issue. We'll find out
  3. Android v9 Pie, Samsung Note 10+ Running the pro version of CC and the scheduler simply will not work. Have cleared data and went through the permission setup and still no go. On my old phone after updating to Android v9 it stopped working on that device. But since I was upgrading to the Note 10 I wasnt going to seek assistance. Android 8 was never a problem. Just did an analysis and found over 200 mb of junk to remove. Been waiting 10 days for the scheduler to run lol Ive attached a screenshot of my CC settings for the scheduler. Is this an Android v9 issue?
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