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  1. http://www.downloadatoz.com/wwasher/washing-free-space.html
  2. Hi all, Firstly, I want to thank Piriform for their great, free software. I have a suggested feature I hope to see it in the next version. It is washing free space. thanks
  3. Hello, Bugs : 1- CCleaner Crash .. How can I help you to solve this bug ? 2- When I press "Analyze" and Firefox is running then CCleaner show a message telling that CCleaner is running !! It shouldn't show that message because I pressed "Analyze" not "Run Cleaner" Suggesion : In "winapp.ini" ... As you know new versions of programs releases daily. so winapp.ini should be updated after the new version release .. I have a suggestion : For example the history of flashget on this direction "C:\Flashget 1.0\hisory.tmp" and if new version released the direction will chang
  4. Hello I posted this issue before and they closed the topic
  5. Hello, 1- Startup tool in CCleaner is not good because it only shows the items in MSConfig.. Please make the startup tools is similar to AutoRuns >http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/Utilities/AutoRuns.mspx 2- Add Toolbar uninstaller
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