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  1. None. The more similar stuff are the virtual drives of Daemon, not to mention Skydrive, Dropbox, Bitcasa, etc. that work as synced folders. My bad. When was that option included that I didn't notice it O.o Already working perfectly. I will let you know if anything goes wrong. Thanks.
  2. Well guys, bad news. Tried both methods here, as recommended, with the described results and nothing worked. I still see the recycle bin with files and CCleaner says it's empty.
  3. Didn't receive any notifications of your replies. I was getting tired of this "bug" so I decided to come here again after updating to the latest version. Thanks for your replies in the first place. I'm checking the solutions now but I have a question: Shouldn't CCleaner do this check before running? If it detects a problem it should suggest the fix and/or then auto-solve the issue. That's what robust software do, IMHO.
  4. Trust me with all the issue Nokia and HTC are having with Windows Phone 8 and their "Others" items in the main storage & the awful microSD handle of the OS, lot of people would be glad to see an app like CCleaner ported to Windows Phone.
  5. Since almost 6 month ago I have been experiencing that CCleaner (even with 3.28.1913) doesn't clean and clear all my recycle bin. Some items always remain there and I have to manually empty it. I thought it was going to be an easy bug to solve so I never reported it but now that I have seen it over and over again on each new version I think it is time to talk about it. http://speccy.piriform.com/results/hyHetFnI1gWk7TDFWNe7t7Z
  6. Is a CCleaner app for Windows Phone 7/8 possible?
  7. 1. Remaining space less than 10% 2. Warning about cleaning 20 GB from the bin 3. Remaining space after cleaning 14% 4. The warning of 10% appears I think is obvious the bug, isn't it? UPDATE: watching closer I think all have to do with the file list creation.
  8. Guys seems like in the last version of CCleaner the issue was solved but not on the same date release of Defraggler, the bug has been there for months! When is installing there is a button to see details, if you press it all the log is visible but if you go closer to where the button was, it appears temporarily and then disappear when the log is updates. So annoying! I have reported this several times on Windows 7 SP1 x64!
  9. It's incredible that in a so complex and great program the installer is so buggy and UX deficient... I have to check/uncheck every option of the installer every time an update is released :S same on all the other Piriform products!
  10. Guys why after reporting months ago, all the products of Piriform opens the release notes on Chrome even if it is not the default browser. What an annoying bug!
  11. Any news about Maxthon official support? After appearing as the biggest score of the HTML5 test is getting very popular everywhere...
  12. Since the release of this tool, I have seen a very repeated bug that is getting very annoying. Normally if you disable an entry using the tool and then update an app the normal expected behavior should be that entry remain in the way it is. But that doesn't happen apps are set to enable autoruns even if they don't ask the user within the installer so you should think the entry is gonna get rewritten and the disable rule is gonna be lost but in fact what happens is that the rule is duplicated in CCleaner tool and you have to disable it another time but the weirdest stuff comes if you dice to erase the key, it will be wiped out but also the duplicates. So seems that the issue is not on Windows Registry but on CCleaner. Note: attach files system is not working! MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 CCleaner v3.17.1689 (64-bit)
  13. Windows Taskbar pinned app lists. The pinned app remains there but their pinned docs or locations are wiped off. For example I have Windows Explorer pinned and inside of it I have my most used locations pinned, after running CCleaner all that disappear, same for my most used docs of Word and Excel.
  14. Guys please add Messenger Plus! for Skype!
  15. Guys, since almost the release of Windows 7 until now the Taskbar Jump List cleaner feature has never worked for me properly. No matter if it's enabled of disabled my pinned or recent activities of each program I use are wipped out on each CCleaner run. It's very annoying have to restore every single list of my 30 pinned icons. Please fix this ASAP! Windows 7 SP1 x64 CCleaner 3.17
  16. 1. Release notes are not opened in the default browser but always in Google Chrome 2. A huge glitch in installation windows when clicking SHOW MORE button the button appears even when the details are already showing Windows 7 SP1 x64
  17. warmth

    Speccy v1.12

    Superb guys! Thanks! Btw you need to include an option to expand/collapse all! Is getting very hard to read the sections because of how long are becoming the trees with each new feature.
  18. Ticked or checkmarked are the same my friend, read my previous posts...
  19. C:\Temp\*.* Ticked or not, I'm left clicking over that option and trying to Analyze/Clean only that one!
  20. I have always had my C:/Temp in my include list, but it seems that was getting cleaned by CCleaner itself but no because it was in that list. I realized this today cause I tried to clean only my personalized folders and files (btw the translation to Spanish is wrong, it must say "Carpetas y Archivos Personalizados") by right clicking on it and neither ?Analyze? nor ?Clean? option did nothing but my C:/Temp folder is full of things! CC 3.07.1457 over Windows 7 SP1 x64!
  21. I have been using CCleaner since the first beta so I have always updated and upgraded over the previous one. Few time I have installed it in a new PC. Yesterday I did it and noticed the optimization cookies cleaning feature. But I don't have a way to rescan my cookies to optimize the cleaning avoiding to close my most important sessions (fe. emails). I know you can do this manually in the Cookies section but is very annoying and complex if you have tons of cookies. I see this option super useful for maintenance cleaning but sometimes this feature should be disabled to solve browser problems like corrupted cookies information (happens very much when for example Hotmail/Gmail update their server side apps) So my suggestion is to include a button to rescan and reoptimize the cookies cleaning in the Cookies section of CCleaner and an option to enable/disable this optimization in settings.
  22. Awesome! Why there is no context menu on folders but only files?
  23. Happy new year for all of you guys! Those are so great news MrG! Count on me if you need more environments to test... my dad works setting networks up, so I have so many of them to test!
  24. warmth

    Speccy v1.07

    Nice work MrG! In spanish there are some mistakes instead of enabled/disabled on the new windows security section they were translated as enable/disable, so they looks more like a button to enable/disable that and information of their status...
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