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pdb files on my Treo 650

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So I have a new problem but this time it is with my PalmOne. I have installed some software on my device, a Treo 650, and the software is a pdb file. The software I have downloaded is the weight watchers software from http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Health/N...ase-30833.shtml.


I have tried searcing and searching the site for the version of a pdb reader that I am to download and I cannot find it anywhere. I have tried saving the files to my expansion card but when I place my expansion card back in my device it shows nothing on the card.


I see the files on my phone because when I select delete on the applications menu they are there to delete but I cannot access them.


If anyone has any sort of answer for me...PLEASE HELP!


thank you



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I have been searching and searching for a solution since I made this post and I have finally found one.


For others that have this same problem the solution is so simple. It was right in front of my face and I didn't see it.


The file I have been downloading is called Weight Watchers Suite for HanDBase 1.0. The software that I needed to read the pdb file is the HanDBase software. By selecting the developer of the program it led me to the HanDBase software page where you have the option to purchase the shareware.


For others trying to download a reader for pdb files remember to read about the developer, look into their other software, read titles etc. this will lead you to the software you require to read the pdb. I have learned that each pdb file has it's own type of software special to that file. Not all pdb readers will read a pdb file, it must be the software that the developer uses.


Not sure if I explained that too well so if you need further explaination let me know or I am sure someone out there will interpret and post. :)

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