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  1. I am very untech savy and have no idea how I would check the connections to the video card. Please excuse the stupid question but if you are simply referring to the cord that connects the monitor to the PC, yes I have checked that. If you are referring to how the card is connected inside the PC I have not checked that. I have not tried another monitor because I don't have one. Should I try exchanging the monitor at the store where I bought it? I have the warranty valid until April. Thanks Chrissy
  2. I have been having this same issue since I purchased my Acer over a year ago. First let me give the details to my PC, Monitor and software to help you help me My PC is an Acer AM5100 with a quad core processor, AMD Phenom 9500, ATI Radeon graphics and I am running the Vista software. My Monitor is also an Acer monitor. Now that those particulars are out of the way let me get to the issue. I can be working on anything, browsing the net, working in OneNote, listening to music etc. and suddenly my monitor goes black yet does not go into standby mode, the blue on light remains lit, my PC continues running but yet no matter what I do I can never see what is on my screen unless I restart the computer. I was advised when I called Acer a year ago that it was a software issue and that some software on my computer was causing this error. I had to restore to factory defaults at that time and one by one I installed software and waited and nothing happened so a few days later I would install the next etc. and I continued this tedious task until my computer was back to normal. I completed system back ups just in case and went on about my business but then shortly down the road the issue came up again. It has been a year, over a year, and this continues to happen. Over and over again, no matter how many times I retore to the beginning, no matter what software I remove or put back on. I have to believe that I am not going to have to restore my computer every time this happens please tell me there is a way to find out why this keeps happening and correct it once and for all. I'm very sad and frustrated. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. When ever I try to scan an item I get the below error. This error makes me believe this is a registry issue. When I select cancel I get this error: Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it? It started happening since I updated the HP Software. I am on the vista system. Any ideas?
  4. I have run into this quite a bit also. As you can see from the attachment the majority are from my current antivirus software, Norton which is combined with Symantec. Why are they there? What makes them appear? Is it okay if I delete them? Will my antivirus still run okay? I bought this huge book on windows vista and it is "french" to me because I still have no idea which keys in the registry are okay and which aren't. I still have much to read though. What is the quickest and easiest way to find out what keys I should and shouldn't touch?
  5. Well so I started experimenting after I read your reply, thank you by the way. I found a section that said upper filter instead of lower filter like the article said so I was a little aprehensive about removing it from the registry not being sure what it was. I did download the USBdeview and after installing it and looking through it I got the idea that I should uninstall both the plug and play devices that were not working. After uninstalling them and then reconnecting them the device manager was able to locate the device once again. Should the problem re-occur....I may have to do some more research. Thanks a bunch for your help Chrissy
  6. I can't help you with all your problems but I can answer one or two of your questions. You do not have to download CCleaner under each user account as long as you are saving the file as a program in the systems program files. All the files saved as program files are accesible to all the users however some users may be restricted from doing certain things under the standard account. I.E removing, deleting, amending etc. When using CCleaner some functions require administrative privilege, this is a mechanizm to avoid unwanted errors from occuring. Because the other accounts are standard some programs you install will not work under those accounts at all. I had downloaded Ares P2P sharing for music downloads and I was able to use the program under my admin account but my husband, a standard user, was unable to access the program unless he right clicked and selected run as administrator, at which point a password was required. I am really not sure why that is and even after changing the rights for his user to full control he was still unable to access the program. Hope I have been a bit of a help. Good luck!
  7. Wow, it seems that when one problem is fixed with my computer another begins. I have had to restore to factory defaults about 100 times since I got this computer, exageration but it feels like that way for sure. I have used CCleaner only to remove item which I new what they were but now when I plug in my CreativeZEN mp3 player or my husband plugs in his Samsung MP3 player we get the following message: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19) Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available. I restored from the registry back up just to see if I had deleted something without realizing I had but even after that I still get this error. Does anyone have a clue as to 1. Why this is happening? and 2. How I can fix it? Please help. I am going on a trip soon and I would really like to have my mp3 for the trip :-) BTW I thought it might be the USB port but I pluged my palm into the port and was able to sync it to the computer without a problem. HELPPPPPPP
  8. I have been searching and searching for a solution since I made this post and I have finally found one. For others that have this same problem the solution is so simple. It was right in front of my face and I didn't see it. The file I have been downloading is called Weight Watchers Suite for HanDBase 1.0. The software that I needed to read the pdb file is the HanDBase software. By selecting the developer of the program it led me to the HanDBase software page where you have the option to purchase the shareware. For others trying to download a reader for pdb files remember to read about the developer, look into their other software, read titles etc. this will lead you to the software you require to read the pdb. I have learned that each pdb file has it's own type of software special to that file. Not all pdb readers will read a pdb file, it must be the software that the developer uses. Not sure if I explained that too well so if you need further explaination let me know or I am sure someone out there will interpret and post.
  9. okay Davey, it has taken me some time and I have not even finished yet but I have a couple of questions since my readings....not that I am done yet. LOL I went out and bought a HUGE vista book to try to learn everything and I have not even opened it yet. 1. App cleaning cleans temp files and recent file lists, does that mean it will delete my library from windows media player? 2. What are logging files? Is it just as simple as it sounds, files that log your activity in some directory on your computer? 3. ERUNT this is not compatible with my system so I am guessing not necessary.
  10. So I have a new problem but this time it is with my PalmOne. I have installed some software on my device, a Treo 650, and the software is a pdb file. The software I have downloaded is the weight watchers software from http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Health/N...ase-30833.shtml. I have tried searcing and searching the site for the version of a pdb reader that I am to download and I cannot find it anywhere. I have tried saving the files to my expansion card but when I place my expansion card back in my device it shows nothing on the card. I see the files on my phone because when I select delete on the applications menu they are there to delete but I cannot access them. If anyone has any sort of answer for me...PLEASE HELP! thank you Chrissy
  11. Well I wanted to let everyone know how this issue is being resolved. I have managed to resolve two of the errors and I am still working on one. In order to get rid of the Service HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service hung on starting for the HP Photosmart All in One 7280 series I did the following: 1) Click on the "Start Menu" icon on the bottom left corner of the screen , type "services.msc" in the "Start Search" edit box, and hit enter. This will trigger Vista to pop-up a "User Account Control" dialog to prompt for permission to continue. Click "Continue" to allow Vista to open the Services management console application. 2) The Services management console application is made up of 2 panels. The right panel contains a list of all services available on the system. Scroll thru this list and look for a service called "HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service". 3) Right-click on "HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service" and select "Properties" to open the "HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service Properties" dialog. 4) From the "HP CUE DeviceDiscovery Service Properties" dialog, click on the "General" tab. If the "Service status" shows that the service has started, click on the "Stop" button to force the service to stop. 5) Change the "Start type" to "Disabled" and click on the "OK" button on the bottom of the dialog to apply the changes. and the following: 1.Go to Computer, 2.Right click & select Properties. 3.Choose the Advanced panel. Click the first Settings button, in the Performance Section. 4.Choose the Data Execution Prevention panel. 5.Choose the first radio button, "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only Now I just need to find the solution for the continuing application crashes and my printer software issue will be resolved. Wooo Hooo Thanks for everyone's help on this one. I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks Hazelnut. I did get in contact with HP and they provided me with one of the solutions listed on that forum you provided. I have attempted the solution and am awaiting the results. Davey, I have checked CCleaner and under the startup menu it shows HP Software update, hpqSRmon and HP digital imaging monitor .ink. My computer is connected via the wonderful world of wireless I have reviewed the task manager and I am not sure if you want me to check under processes or services but each has several HP programs. Completely unrelated to this issue, as it still happens when I uninstalled the software, it appears that on booting up my PC any time I attempt to complete an action the thinking icon goes on and on....and on until I hit ctrl + alt + del and attempt to access the task manager. I am confused What could possibly be causing my newest dilema?
  13. chrissywiss


    Yokenny, I have downloaded the most recent drivers and I also have the driver dectective software and it does not indicate that the drivers are out of date either. I actually got the drivers directly from the HP website to ensure they were the most up to date. Chrissy
  14. I checked out the MS solution centre and found that it is in fact the HP software. It indicates the follow errors have occured: 1. Device stopped working; Appcrash occured. This has happened three times since I installed the software. 2. Service Hang Report; Service HP CUE DeviceDiscovery service hung on starting. This has happened twice since I installed the software. GRRR...I recently had to restore to factory defaults twice because my PC kept losing communication with my monitor and I was told it was a software issue. Now I am installing each software one at a time to try to figure out which was causing the problem and now I am running into new problems. Does the HP problem sound like one that may require a removal of the software? Will removing the software and installing only the basic drivers work or is it even worth trying? Chrissy
  15. See I didn't know Malware will do that. Thanks Davey, my journey of learning continues.
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