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Over 24 Hours to Defrag and a loss of 2 gigs of space?


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Wow, I downloaded and immediately started to defrag my drive, I started it about 6:30 pm yesterday and it is now 9:30 pm the next day with a 95% complete ratio, over 24 hours. I have never had any defrag program take that long. The funny thing is I actually ran it on my small 40 gig drive first to test it before I ran it on my larger drives and Im glad I did, I don't understand how in the world it could take that long. And its not like my machine is horrible either, its a P4 3ghz with 2 gigs of ram, its not a dual core but its not that horrible.


Thats really not my gripe or reason for posting though, I downloaded it to test it and will probably never use it again after this but now, I have almost 2 gigs less free space on my drive then I did before I started to defrag. How in the world does that happen? Is there any remedy to it?

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I don't claim to be an expert on defraggler, however I would be questioning the integrity of the hard-drive, as it might be there is an underlying problem with the drive itself.


Try downloading hard disk utilities from the disk manufacturer to test for damaged sectors. Even try running CHKDSK to see if that helps.


I'm not saying its guaranteed to fix it, but it might be worth a try.

Sucess is a journey, not a destination...

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It took me over 70 hours to complete the defragmentation..

BUT I have to say that it was on a pc, over 4 years old, which was never defragged before..

AND I gained extra space in the end, in stead of losing some.

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You probably have some system restore program running, like System Restore in XP or vista. I think they track changes in the layout of the drive, so if you defrag, it will try to keep track of all the changes, maxing the restore backup size and erasing old restore points if it can't track all the changes.

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