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  1. I'm impressed with me....I have actually remembered somthing from my Win XP exam!
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I'll give them a look and let you know how I get on! Stryker
  3. If it is Windows Defrag that is telling you it is full and it can't defrag the disk, its because it needs 15% (I think) of free space on the drive to carry out the defrag. As krit86lr said, the screenshot shows 1.79GB of free space left. If you let us know what program you are trying to run, I'll see if I can provide anymore assistance.
  4. There are jumpers on the motherboard that will allow you to reset the CMOS settings too. You might need the motherboard manual though to find out what position the jumper needs to be put in to allow the reset to take place. I don't know how confident you feel doing that, however it might help....
  5. Thanks Davey. I wasn't sure where the best place to post that question was. I'll give him a PM.
  6. This is just a question but how do the people like __RiP_ChAiN_ , TwistedMetal, rridgely etc know what it is to look for when someone posts a Hijack This log for analysis. I have sat looking through many posts trying to identify patterns, however the logs don't really mean terribly much to me at a glance. It's an area that has interested me for a little while, but I'm not quite sure how to go about acquiring the necessary knowledge! Have you had an interest/been involved in this area for so long that you recognise patterns, or does your knowledge come from attending a College or University? Any tips or directions to learning materials would be great! Cheers Stryker
  7. I meant to say Corona, you can browse other users doucments and settings (assuming they are not set to private) by navigating to the following in Windows Explorer: C:\Documents and Settings This will list the user accounts registered on the PC and will give you access to their my documents folder as well as others. Some of the folders in here are hidden, so if you want to browse them, you will need to do the following: In Windows Explorer go to the Tools Menu and Click Folder Options. Click on the View Tab Look down the list until you see an option called "Show hidden files and folders" Click this, then click "Ok" at the bottom. Let me know if you have any problems Stryker
  8. Hi Corona. I hope what I am about to type is along the lines of what you are looking for: If you right click the icon of the program you are trying to install, there should be a "run as" command. If you select this option, it brings up a diaglog box with two options. The first to run it as the currently logged in use and the second to run it as another use. If you choose the second option, it should default to COMPUTERNAME\ADMINISRATOR....then all you need to do is type in the Administrators password and it should work. If neither you or your sister are sure of the Administrator accounts password, it can be reset, by doing the following: Start ==> Run. In the dialog box type "control userpasswords2" (without inverted commas) then press enter. Click the account called administrator and click the reset password box. (You might need to do this whilst logged in as your sister, seeing as she has admin rights. Another way to do it is to log in under your sisters admin account...right click on the my computer icon, select Manage. In the window that appears, click on Local Users and Groups the left hand pane, click the Users Folder, right click the users name and select properties. In the "Member Of" tab, add the user to the administrators group. I'm pretty sure this second way is only available under Win XP Pro and probably many of the more expensive versions of Vista. I hope this helps Stryker
  9. I'm totally in agreement with you on that one.... The disk space required for Vista is utterly ludicrous. I'm trying to think of what built in programs I used in Vista... ... ... ... ... Its a very short list! Perhaps they should allow users to customize the installation more.....even when its comes as part of a PC/Laptop from a dealer.
  10. After spending a fair while on this problem, I decided to post a thread out of frustration. I took a 20 minute break from it then sat back down again to try again....and I am pleased to say I got it to work. Thank you to anyone who was trying to sort this for me.
  11. One things to bare in mind when using touchpads, is that most of them are pressure sensitive. You can open up an program by moving the mouse cursor over its icon and then "tapping" on the pad twice, which acts as a double click instead of using the buttons. That said most manufacturers allow you to turn of this function, so it might be worth having a look around the software and see what options you have.
  12. dsb. I have experienced similar problems and after a bit of digging about, it turns out that Media Player has really been watered down, especially when it comes to playing back DVD movies. You can download plugin's for it through the media player store, but who wants to pay for them....they should be free of charge! The other week I downloaded VLC player, which worked a treat for playing back DVD movies. It's quite a simple looking program, however it does the job. Personally I don't use Windows Media Player for anything, as I use Winamp for playing mp3 and divx files, therefore I'd recommend the above setup if you are looking for an alternatives to WMP. Cheers Stryker
  13. Hi all. I wonder if someone can help me. I am trying to create a timesheet for work so that if I click a certain button, its colours the cells I have highlighted in a pre chosen colour and also display the task name (but only in the first cell) Each cell is to represent 15 minutes of time Lets say for instance a particular job took 60 miuntes to do, instead of having four cells which have the same task name which would look like 4 separate tasks, I would like it if the top cell had the task name with the remaining cells under it only being shaded in. See the attached image to get an idea of what I'm getting at: Any help or guidance would be much appreciated! Many thanks Stryker
  14. Is there anyway you could use Recuva to get back the file you deleted? I did have Vista on my laptop, but I reverted back to WinXP, otherwise I would've sent you the desktop.ini file.
  15. I don't claim to be an expert on defraggler, however I would be questioning the integrity of the hard-drive, as it might be there is an underlying problem with the drive itself. Try downloading hard disk utilities from the disk manufacturer to test for damaged sectors. Even try running CHKDSK to see if that helps. I'm not saying its guaranteed to fix it, but it might be worth a try.
  16. This one is more for people on here who run a Server Environment, especially one that runs the exchange services (like I do). You will notice when your reboot/switch the server off, it takes what seems like an eternity to do. If its anything like mine, then it can be 5 minutes before the reboot/switch off occurs. After some troubleshooting, I managed to come to the conclusion that the delay is caused by Exchange Services stopping. Therefore in order to cut the time down considerably, you can create a simple batch file which contains uses the NET STOP commands. It would look something like this (type this into a notepad file and save it with a file extension of .bat: NET STOP "Microsoft Exchange IMAP4" NET STOP "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" Repeat this line for each MS Exchange service that runs. Before rebooting the server, run the batch file, which takes about 50 seconds to complete. It cuts the reboot time significantly. Stryker
  17. Sorry to say Humpty I've had a look about too and I've come to the same frustrations as you. I had found a non MS website, however the link it gave pointing to the download took me to the Microsoft Vista X64 page. Very frustrating!
  18. Stryker

    chk disk

    If it helps, open up a command prompt and type CHKDSK /? and it will bring the switches available to use with the CHKDSK feature. I've attached a screen print to make it easier. Stryker
  19. There is the Release Candidate 2 version of SP3 available to download now, if you want to try that too....it can be downloaded from: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en Scroll down the page and you'll see the downloads available..... the file with ENU on the end is the English Version. Stryker
  20. Hi. I'm going to provide you with a suggestion to the first part of your query, I'll see if I can come up with a solution to your router question, unless another forum members gets there first! One of the first things I would try is to download the latest drivers for your wireless device. From your description, I am assuming its built into the laptop. First of all check the Laptop Manufacturers website for any driver updates. If there is no driver available there, then find out the maufacturer of the actual wireless device and try to obtain an up to date driver from there. I had a laptop that was in a similar position and downloading an up to date driver solved the problem for me....I hope it does the same for you..... Stryker
  21. Hi yr3750. In short I don't think you can delete it, however if you stop using it (for 6 months), it will delete itself. The figure of 6 months is from another website, therefore I cannot guarantee that it will be 6 months. This is the exact wording of the quote: "From your AOL mail, send a change of address to everyone who you want to have your new addy, then never go to your AOL mail, just let it wither. In 6 months it will be gone (actually that screen name will be available to someone else to use, with their own password)" I hope that eventually this answer works! Stryker
  22. Hi daggerXtreme I have used these ebay style ones in the past (although not for an extended period of time) and have never had any problems with them. They are very easy to set up! Like you, I grudge paying anything like the prices that Belkin charge! If you have a wireless router, then perhaps a USB WiFi dongle might be a better suggestion. Stryker
  23. DennisD, what program to you run to get the icons grouped the way you have on your desktop? Looks pretty cool whatever it is!
  24. I'm pretty sure it can't be done daggerXtreme. The only logical reason I can think of is to enable other users of the computer to know who to speak to about getting it unlocked and let them onto it! Imagine leaving some important unsaved documents running - I know that MS Office has a recovery function in it, however its not always guaranteed to recover everything- and someone didn't know who to ask to unlock, they might just press the power button and restart the computer to allow them to get logged in. Subsequently all your work would be gone!!! I appreciate that is a highly unlikely scenario in the home environment, as they could take a guess at who the logged in user was, however XP Pro was aimed at the corporate market, with hundreds of users being logged in across various terminals!
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