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  1. Hi hazelnut This is probably a better entrance for a f/P trouble and also for all F-Secure users with this "challenge". http://support.f-secure.com/enu/home/virusproblem/sample/ Undetected viruses If you have a virus sample that is not detected or it causes a false alarm with F-Secure Virus Protection, please submit a sample of such file to F-Secure. Direct: http://support.f-secure.com/enu/home/virus...ex_sample.shtml F-Secure operates one office in Helsinki and also one in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur so someone is for sure awake... regards plun
  2. Hi All Well... I don't like "flames" when it?s about false/positives Users in Sweden reported exactly the same. The file involved is InstallOptions.dll, this file is created during setup in a temporarily folder. From F-Secures logfile: Win32.Trojandownloader.Zlob (Malware) FILE:C:\DOCUME~1\GRAN~1\LOKALA~1\Temp\nsh216.tmp\InstallOptions.dll I have scanned this file yesterday evening with Virustotal and also today with F-Secures scanner without any alarm. This must be challenge for F-Secure to solve. regards plun http://support.f-secure.c
  3. plun

    Secure delete

    Hi Thanks for your answer. - "Passes" is then number of overwrite times. OK - "saying what type of random data", is also cryption used ? ref mil and NSA Ongoing discussion within a swedish forum about how to translate it and also explain how it works. regards plun
  4. plun

    Secure delete

    Hi Can anyone explain how this tool works and what different options means. Found this but I?m too lazy to find out more http://www.dss.mil/isec/nispom_0195.htm http://www.nsa.gov/ (tracking cookies ? ) regards plun
  5. Congrats Mr G. And thanks for a great program !
  6. Hi Maybe this program can help you all to check "index.dat" files http://support.it-mate.co.uk/?mode=Product...=index.datsuite But what is the purpose with this file ? Impossible to find any good answer to that ! Secret service ?
  7. plun

    Registry Compacter

    Hi First of all I believe it?s really important to keep CCleaner, safe, conservative and without any risks. Every new built in function is a new risk and I believe that MrG really wants this program to be safe for all users. Today its only minor problems with CCleaner for all users, newbies > "geeks". A lot of users PCs are in a real mess and therefore it?s important to keep CCleaner as a "basic" and 99.999999 % safe removal tool. . But this is a challenge where to stop and don?t go any further IMHO
  8. plun


    Send a PM to MrG ! One advice is to include several users to come to best translation and avoid faults. Maybe to use a webforum in your language.
  9. Hi Some comments about swedish CCleaner translation. It?s terrible ! , who is responsible for this translation ? - Mixed "Swenglish", for example "issues" is used. "Fixa valda issues", terrible - Registry cleaning = "Utsl?ppen" - "L?mna ut avs?kningen/infattningen" - "Starta rensning" - Small and big characters in a mess. CCleaner is a great product and if someone translate it, do it with normal Windows standard definitions with your country standard vocabolary for Windows terms. Must be some "teenage hooligan geek" responsible for this !
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