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  1. avast! Home Edition or AVG Free Edition?
  2. True, malware isn't as much of an issue on Linux computers, but it still is more secure than Windows when patched and hardened. However, a determined hacker could still get past that. Don't practice security by obscurity.
  3. Linux is significantly more secure than Windows. However, you still need to patch and harden your system. Check your .rhosts file. >;\
  4. Heh, I was about to say that. I love astronomy, but of course there are so many fields to be interested in.
  5. f3ia


    Bleh, learning Java in Programming class...
  6. Open run or command prompt and type "control userpasswords2" if you want more options.
  7. f3ia

    Registry Compacter

    Well, an all-in-one tool would be nice, but RegCompact.NET looks good. But how would compacting the Registry cause problems? I thought it didn't modify any Registry keys.
  8. CCleaner does an excellent job at cleaning the Registry. But what about compacting/optimizing the Reg like NTREGOPT?
  9. I must agree, CCleaner is faster and in many ways more powerful than commercial tools. I have never had a problem with CCleaner other than not being able to delete some Norton Reg keys. Norton just seems to weave its way into your system like a parasite. Anyways, thanks for your input.
  10. I am using CCleaner and System Mechanic. Does anyone have any opinions on which is better overall? CCleaner is fast and powerful, while System Mechanic has extra features. If cost is not a problem, which is better?
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