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  1. Thank you for your response. It is interesting to me that several days ago I loaded AVG. It started to corrupt my OS. Once stopped it was easy to remove. I do not believe that this is coincedence. I have seen the same thing happen with freeware downloads spyware and hijacking claims. For some reason I always end up with spyware or hijacks after I uninstall these programs. f secure positively identified the malware immediately after the keystroke to run ccleaner install from the ccleaner menu. yelloweye
  2. Good question. For now let us drop this false alert, false positive bulls**t and call malware, malware because f secure has. Next it would be reasonable to call in a "third party" to define and clear the issue, malware or no malware. Previous posts here have been nonfactual. Sorting out the positive insights is difficult. so... call malware malware and get it on...
  3. Try to execute the setup file with f secure loaded.
  4. This is the second time that I have replied to your post. The first time I was kicked off when I entered "add reply" . I will try again. Yes I edited the post three times. My first statement did not include a hot url. It was mistaken for one. Someone edited it and did not get it right. I quoted the complete url later but again it was not hot. I do not feel that this is a confusing issue but someone is editing my posts as I type and it is beginning to appear that the issue is confusing. The point is. When I download the ccsetup133.exe file I put it in a new folder. When I double cli
  5. I do not believe you. You are not paying attention to what I am saying. You do not have to right click anything. No not until you figure out what I am saying or at least what the possibilities are. Why? Because I do not trust you. Thousands a day? Ummmmm
  6. I scanned it and it came up clean. I double clicked it and ..... dirty, rude, ugly, and infected. The url that I listed is not complete therefore it is not hot. I did that intentionally. Comprehende?
  7. " http//download.ccleaner.com/ccsetup133.exe " regards The ccleaner team Piriform Ltd. is the source of my second download, and that's right you guessed it. The ccsetup.exe file is infected. This is my second attempt to edit this post and it appears that a mod is editing as I write. If you download from either of the sites that I have listed and install and open the exe file, then you will see the malware that I have listed. My software quaratined it and when I deleted it the first page of the setup installation was removed in otherwords the installation was abor
  8. www.cccleaner.com/download/ Download from filehippo.com .
  9. 18Oct06 win32.trojandownloader.Zlob I paid $20.00 paypal for donation and accepted the download. I started the install and my antivirus quarantined the above malware. It nearly cratered my computer. A reset recovered and a rescan showed no malware. I believe that I will cancel my paypal donation and wait for cctech support. I am pissed off enough not to ask so feel free to post your comments here.
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