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  1. Ok, thanks, I did switch back to the Stable version of the Edge.
  2. Hi. Is CCleaner good at fully cleaning Edge Dev version? Currently, I use Edge Dev version 96.0.1032.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit) and thought to ask about this. Thank you.
  3. Dave, thank you. I got a reply from support today with the key.
  4. Thank you, you made me happy.
  5. @Nergal I purchased CCleaner Pro and emailed the support with my cleverbridge reference number. Will I get reply from them before Monday Oct 11? Thank you.
  6. Today a new version is out: v5.77.8448 (18 Feb 2021) Is this fixed for the portable version? Thanks.
  7. @nukecad Yes, I am an advanced user and yes, I decide to get CCleaner via PatchMyPC app. I have been getting it before via: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
  8. Task Scheduler: No, I don't see CCleaner Update in my Windows Task Scheduler.
  9. I didn't have time, nor was I in the mood to read all the messages here. I installed CCleaner Portable last version via the PatchMyPC app. Is the new built-in software updater in CCleaner Portable gone now? Because when I run CCleaner, it didn't prompt me with any message.
  10. I just have a brief question. When updating Portable version of CCleaner on my PC, if I already have its folder ( older version of Portable CCleaner.) like screenshot below with Configuration settings, depicted with red line: Then when unzipping the new version of CCleaner Portable, like this in another folder, like this below: to update to newer version of CCleaner Portable, all I need to do is to just to replace the CCleaner64 in the second folder ( second screenshot), in the first folder, first screenshot, is that right? Thank you.
  11. Would you please, for the sake of advanced users that want their CCleaner to be slim and free of other extras, make Health Check optional during the installation wizard? I mean having it ( Health Check), should be optional in Installation Wizard, make a check box to install it or not to install it.
  12. I agree. Back then to 2006, I was talking to a friend and he told he he always downloads applications from the vendor's official website. I told him I am addicted to UI of FileHippo website, and always download apps from there.
  13. @hazelnut Great. Please also update https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history as well. TIA.
  14. @Stephen CCleaner The new version is out? https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/release-notes
  15. @nukecad You are right. @Dave CCleaner Thanks a lot for the info. I agree with you. I will go ahead and uninstall the version I downloaded from SoftPedia, and do a reboot, and install the one from CCleaner's website once it is released.
  16. The one I downloaded from SoftPedia, was ok. I downloaded its "Standard (bundles Avast)" version. Alternatively you may download it from TechSpot.com https://www.techspot.com/downloads/132-ccleaner.html Both sites are reputable sites.
  17. New version is out according to the email I got from SoftPedia. But Changelog page is not updated yet. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history
  18. The new version of CCleaner is out. I got an email from SoftPedia: Hello, This is a quick message to let you know that "CCleaner" has been updated on our website to version "5.64.7613". A link to the program's page is included below for your convenience: [Link removed, only get ccleaner from the official company website or file hippo]
  19. You are right. Right now Edge doesn't notify for the new update, but it will soon, like Chrome. So for now I do keep track of new updates via that Telegram Channeel.
  20. Edge updates are being posted in this Telegram Channel: https://t.me/MSEdgeUpdates
  21. So Maximum in 3 weeks. Thanks.
  22. What he said, is that true? I mean Avast Cleanup will replace CCleaner?
  23. Stable (x86) - 80.0.361.54 SHA1: F8FAA06DD76C37A29E7EEE1C1E693D1CD5F11E61
  24. New version of Edge released yesterday: Version 80.0.361.48
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