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  1. So Maximum in 3 weeks. Thanks.
  2. What he said, is that true? I mean Avast Cleanup will replace CCleaner?
  3. Stable (x86) - 80.0.361.54 SHA1: F8FAA06DD76C37A29E7EEE1C1E693D1CD5F11E61
  4. New version of Edge released yesterday: Version 80.0.361.48
  5. @Nergal Thanks for your effort. I agree with you. Sorry if I posted here. BTW, According to the roadmap, support for the new Chromium Edge, is in the next release: "It has been our priority and was due for release in time for the Windows rollout, unfortunately there have been some technical setbacks that have delayed the release quite a bit. It will be in the next release and we expect that to be toward the seconf half of next month." https://ideas.ccleaner.com/4
  6. In these two locations: C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) I looked and found CCleaner folder or [voldermort] folder, I deleted them. And then did a reboot and installed CCleaner last version again. So actually I did a clean uninstall of CCleaner and then reinstealled it.
  7. Do I have to clean uninstall CCleaner and then install it again to get ride of the option Chormium Edge? Because I dont want to use that, I like to wait CCleanr to release its next version that officially supports it in CCleaner's style. THank you.
  8. I installed [Voldermort], and pressed ‘Download Latest’ and then run CCleaner and it brought options to clean as many items in Chromium Edge. But I didnt mark all. I better wait for the original CCleanr to be released. Just a question, do you know how I revert back the CCleaner to its original state where it doesnt have Chromium Edge listed? Thank you. I uninstalled [voldermort], but CCleaner still brings up the option to clean Chromium Edge. Thank you so much.
  9. Thank you @Andavari What about using this:[Voldemort link removed] Is this good idea? How do I use it?
  10. I tested the latest CCleaner for Windows, which is 5.63.7540 It didn't clean anything from the latest Edge Chromium.
  11. This post is for Aug 9, 2019 https://malwaretips.com/threads/ccleaner-beta-to-test-cleaning-of-edge-chromium-v5-61-006.94255/
  12. Is there any new beta of CCleaner out?
  13. The new version will be out this week?
  14. I know, I meant to say that the next version of CCleaner for Windows , will definitely support Chromium Edge.
  15. This is interesting: https://techdows.com/2019/08/piriform-tests-ccleaner-beta-with-chromium-edge-support.html
  16. Second official update for Microsoft Edge (Stable) is up! v79.0.309.71
  17. There is a new update for Microsoft Edge (Stable): v79.0.309.68
  18. Thanks but I prefer to wait to get stable release.
  19. I tested, it didn't clean Edge Chromium's history.
  20. Cannot wait for the stable release. When will be out of beta?
  21. These will be in the next stable version of CCleaner that will support Edge Chromium? The last one, what CC stands for? CCleaner? Where, these functions ( Smart Cleaning, Easy Clean, Cookies to Keep etc) will be implemented? " For Edge Chromium?
  22. Thank you nukecad and Andavari. A friend of mine also told me this: "You can install without doing a clean install. Nowadays installer software is designed well enough that it is able to uninstall old parts itself if necessary. It allows to keep settings and not bother with uninstalling first. You can use this as a general rule, too, except if some software explicitly tells you to uninstall the old version first. Even drivers can be upgraded without prior uninstall now, most of the time."
  23. Hi there, I just wanted to know if its better to uninstall the old version and then install the new version, or I can install the new version on top of the old version? I currently have CCleaner Free for Windows 10, version v5.58.7209 (06 Jun 2019) and want to install the new version which is: v5.59.7230 (25 Jun 2019) Thanks.
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