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  1. I actually have a workaround so i think I am good.
  2. Can someone explain why my license has changed recently and as to why it worked just fine up until a month or so ago. Let's just call it what it is the terms have changed once again, the goal posts moved in conjunction with windows compatibility assistant. Product was working fine for me and now the license just does not work. I have a system backup with a working ccleaner on 1909 so it's not windows it's you piriform. to
  3. I am ok with no priority updates but do not want adware for invalid license etc. If I have to i I will mod the files myself.
  4. I was in the same boat, got the spiel that was mentioned here. They like the idea of repeat business and the wording was shady and I felt duped and needless to say I was pissed. The cloud based model may have wet their appetite for the renewal type models and I am sure Illuminati CEO's, politicians or porn hub staff would find it handy. On that joke I just want to kill the message, I don't care about the updates as I have other apps that update for me. I am sure they put a lot of work into it but price is as high as my avast premier license. If it was less I would probably renew it. I bought a license just like many have here back in 2016 and do not want to see the buy again message.
  5. Pale Moon Browser clean support. Wouldn't mind seeing this added as it is based on an older Firefox version. Thanks.
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