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  1. I use dropbox, mediafire and google drive. But trust no one. So I don't upload my personal pic, family pic and financial document here. For other media I use those services.
  2. Still quickbooks has some sync problem with other pc software, dev tools etc. Using ***********now. Even it is okay with winehq. QB is now only looking after business not after user service. I am worried with their reporting system.
  3. Avast. Windows defender in windows 10 itself enough to protect from some malware though I use Avast for extra security.
  4. Let us know the warning code or text. Thanks
  5. Its a really very sad news. Few days before I came to know this. Some hacker force us to log in google accounts. If you want to log in google service you will see accounts.google.com then it will redirect you to a new page and will tell you to enter gmail id and pass and if you do so they will get all info of your gmail id. I can't believe it. I knew no one can beat Google. So it is sure we can nowhere upload our very essential documents and pictures.
  6. That's great. But who uses Microsoft’s Edge. Most people of windows OS use chrome, Firefox or Opera. New windows defender for windows 10 is a great tool. It prevents most of the unwanted programs. Microsoft is working a lot in EDGE. Some tech geeks believe EDGE and Bing search engine will rule within five years.
  7. check disk can be manually stopped. But a virtual c drive sometime conflicts with ram. In that case you can better use and SSD. A 256GB will do. Install windows and other essential soft in ssd and other media files, picture in main HDD. You will get faster speed and everything will be okay.
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