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  1. I am the person that created this post. I can now confirm that ccleaner was NOT responsible for my Quickbooks problems. In fact, I discovered the bug, and now it is fixed perfectly, and it had nothing to do with ccleaner. That's great, because ccleaner has been instrumental in speeding up my computer incredibly. Ccleaner's a great program. rozp
  2. p/s I want to clarify that I cannot recall whether the Quickbooks crashing started happening before or after I installed CC.
  3. Suggestion: what about letting CC have a setting where we can stipulate that it should run automatically, say, every few minutes or hours, or once a day etc. I see in the FAQ that there is something about making ccleaner.exe to be AUTO, but, as an ordinary non-techie, I don't understand that.
  4. Hello, does anyone have any experience using CC together with Quickbooks Accounting software on the same computer? Around about the same time as I installed CC, my Quickbooks software started crashing when I try to generate reports. Now, I am not saying that CC is the cause, but I am searching for answers. In CC's settings, I notice that Quickbooks does not appear on the list of Applications that can be ignored. How do I get CC to list Quickbooks (other other software) on the ignore-application-list? Thanks
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