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  1. Hi. I never leave it open. What's more, I just tried re-downloading CCleaner from the link on the other page here that was discussing the same issue I have that others have (that thread is now closed), and I still have all the same issues. Everything the Malwarebytes help tried to do, didn't help anything. I've wasted days on this. I miss my CCleaner. Nothing seems to be happening with finding what is going on...it isn't anything to do with Malwarebytes...it is CCleaner. Simply because someone didn't find something, does not mean it is not there...it means it wasn't found. Nothing is fixed, and I'm still having the same exact problems.
  2. Thank You, stevecripe57. Is it free? Could you post a good link to it, please?
  3. As I originally noted in detail days ago on my original post, I downloaded from ccleaner.com. Stevecripe57, I use the uninstaller in Win. 10pro. Is the Revo uninstaller more efficient? Is it free? Thank You for the info.
  4. I tried reverting to a couple of different previous CCleaner versions, but still had the same problems I have with this one...no difference. Even though I have uninstalled CCleaner from my laptop, I still have the ghost app. opening upon rebooting, which began when I downloaded the latest version of CCleaner to begin with. Maybe I should rename myself "Steve" or "Tom" or "George" so I can be taken seriously...
  5. I am having the exact same problem you are--except I also have an app that opens up about a minute after I reboot (whether rebooting with or without CCleaner uninstalled). It opens up in the background as a ghost, so I have no idea what it is--and it only appeared when this CCleaner problem began (with the download of the new version, that is). I didn't have the automatic updates turned on...get the pop-ups from CCleaner and used to go to Piriform to download, until 2 versions ago, when I began clicking on the pop-up out of laziness.
  6. Exactly--but I have the app "ghost" that opens when I re-boot, too. That person may or may not have noticed it occurring--which is what leads me to believe that there is something else going on through the CCleaner download.
  7. Everything seems to be okay for now--until I load CCleaner! Then it all begins again, and I go through the motions of using the tools shared with me by AdvancedSetup to remove it all (and uninstall, of course). Can you give me a specific link to the CCleaner download? I don't know what is going on with it, but I have to have my CCleaner to be able to delete all the track/spy/crapware that is left on my laptop every time I use the internet. Nothing else takes it out like CCleaner (that I know of, anyway). Thanks.
  8. Thank You for the encouragement. I've been following the instructions given me by AdvanceSetup. The infection is still in my CCleaner, even though I uninstalled it and re-installed it a couple of times--then uninstalled it. I checked to find that there are still 2 CCleaner files on my laptop, one marked shortcut and the other with far more megabytes, looking like it is the main CCleaner file. These will neither uninstall, nor delete. When I attempt to delete them, they give no pop-ups...just remain. I know this is where the infection lies. I've told AdvanceSetup, but I'm still following instructions, that have nothing to do with what I just described. It is in the CCleaner.
  9. Btw, the window for ADW is a black box that comes up. This is a ghost that appears for a micro-second and then disappears immediately. I followed the instructions through the link, and am now waiting for help. Mwbyts help usually takes days if not weeks to answer...and I have Mwbyts Premium. ***sigh***
  10. Thank You, nukecad. I just downloaded the browser guard, and will click on the other link and see what happens. Thank You for your help and patience!
  11. Thank You for both of your replies. 1. Yes, I have the latest Mwbyts. Yes, I already tried turning off Mwbyts realtime, etc. and it didn't change anything...did the same with Adw. 2. I have to correct myself because I used to only download from Piriform, but instead I used the last 2 pop-ups that came on my desktop for updates. Plus, I now notice a square shadow come on and disappear when I have re-booted. I have tried uninstalling CCleaner, but upon doing a search for CCleaner afterward, up came one link to a CCleaner shortcut and another to a backup file, and neither of them will delete when I attempt to do so. I do not want to open either of them because I don't know if it will make any difference. 3. It seems as long as I don't open CCleaner, I don't have the problem, which leads me to think it is the problem, and I must have a bug of some sort, which scares me no-end. 4. I use Firefox, and it is up-to-date.
  12. I download only from Piriform. I always scan with Malwarebytes regularly, manually, as I do with ADW and CCleaner.
  13. Hi, nukecad. Thank You for replying. I am using Custom Clean. As I posted above, I am using Win.10Pro. I use Malwarebytes Premium, and it does not interfere with CC. No, I have not used the Registry Cleaner. What happens is what is happening right now. CCleaner is frozen, and the only way I can defrost it is by re-booting using the Malwarebytes Adw. Cleaner and re-booting that way. Then CCleaner works for the next 2 minutes and then freezes and slows my laptop to sludge. I need to re-boot.
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