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  1. Quick clean does not clean session cookies. I know this because I run Quick Clean first then Custom Clean. Custom Clean always finds 15 or so session cookies.
  2. Thank you much for the suggestion. I will give it a go. Regards.
  3. Thank you so much for informing me of the process. I do not mess with anything inside apps. I have just been using SuperAntispyware as a custom scan to scan that scans c:\users\"user"\appdata\local\packages. SAS finds way more than solitaire and I have not incurred any operating problems. Regards..
  4. OK, I think that the holidaze are over. Will this be handed over to the developers for review or get some kind of attention? It seems that if SuperAntiSpyware can pick it up, it should not be difficult to add. That is what I use now on an interim basis as a custom scan, hoping for the best with CCleaner development.
  5. I just let SuperAntispyware clean it up as a custom scan. This is what CCleaner should be doing.
  6. I tried uploading the jpg, but it would not let me. Log follows in next post.
  7. Superantispyware and Hitman finds them. In this pass random salad hearts wasn't there, but they show up as well. c:\users\"username"\appdata\local\packages\microsoft.microsoftsolitairecollection_"lots of different extensions"\ac\inetcookies\"lots of different names".txt I tried to submit the snipping tool results, but the forum would not let me. This is repeatable on a daily basis. I am not sure what kind of files I can upload to give you the complete picture. I am on Windows 10. Thanks.
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