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  1. I ran into this problem yesterday with version 5. So I uninstalled ver. 5 and installed ver. 4.16. Still had the problem, it would get to 37% and stay at 37% for a long time. So I checked out Task manager, tab processes and noticed that I had several dllhost processes running at the same time. So I searched the internet for some answers. Well it seamed that I might have a virus "poweliks", Down loaded ESETPoweliksCleaner. Ran the program, and sure enough it found the virus. I also down loaded temp file cleaner, then cleaned out all the temp files. Now CCleaner runs like it should. I will point out that I was having a few other problems, i.e. I couldn't down load any thing from the internet with out going in to internet options/security and reset to default settings. My OS was Win 7, IE 11.
  2. Sorry that I'am posting twice, below is the link to my specs, still have not tryed XP pro SP3. As XP pro is for the grand Kids. so I don't update it as often. Except for the Virus programs. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=37341
  3. I'm also having the same problem! I've also moved back to 1.18, for win 7 I have not checked to see if it works Win XP Pro.(dual boot system) Update: 1.19 has the same problem with Win XP pro SP3 with a twist. In windows 7 I just reinstalled 1.18 with out any problems. Under XP pro. Speccy 1.18, under graphic it would show in orange letters (this service is marked for deletion). I had to uninstall 1.18 restart computer, boot into XP then install 1.18, problem solved. Edit: Still having the same problem with 1.20, had to reinstall 1.18 to get the GPU temps back. As for the later problem I report with XP (see above) that didn't happen this time. System specs: GA-MA-790X-UD4P AMD Phenom II 555 BE @3.2 unlocked to 4 cores Corsair H50 (CPU Cooler) PS Antec EW 750 / Case Antec 900 II Asus EAH5770 CUcore Super Talent 8GB DDR2 6400 LG HL-DT-ST DVD/CD Burner Hitachi 250 ,WD 250 /Creative SB Titanium X-Fi. OS Windows XP 32 Windows 7 64 Ultimate.
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