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  1. Since I have update Speccy to Version 1.19.411 the GPU dont't display the temperature. Before this version all the others displayed the GPU temperature.
  2. Hi all again, Just to say that it only happens in my 64 bits Windows 7 PC. I have two other ones with Windows 7 32 bits versions and they are ok after Norton Internet Security upgrade.
  3. Hi all, I've updated my Norton Internet Security, from version 2012 to version 2013. Everytime I try to clean the registry there are 3 entries, always the same, from Norton Internet Security that CCleaner don't clean. Can anyone help with this one? Thanks, Jorge
  4. Thanks for the info, it solved the question. The strange is that I am using CCleaner for years and MSE since the launch and it was the first time that this happened to me! I think that this new version of CCleaner as something new that is causing that behavior. Thanks again.
  5. Hi all, I have upgrade my CCleaner to v3.08.1475. Since then I have run it twice. After running it my MSE says my pc might be unprotected because there is a long time since may last scan. Has I have it scheduled to scan my pc everyday and after both messages I have scan the PC, I have concluded that CCleaner deletes that information from MSE. Does anyone knows how to solve it? Thanks, Jorge Martins
  6. Hi all, Since I have updated CCleaner to version 3.06, when I clean the registry, it deletes Google Chrome update entrys. So, when I try to check for updates to google chrome, I receive a message saiyng that the server is not available (error 3). To fix it, I have to reinstall Google Chrome but then when using CCleaner, there it goes again! Does anyone know a way to fix it? Thanks, Jorge
  7. Thank you for your answer. I have followed your instructions and add the path for outcmd.dat and Outlook.srs on "Exclude" but it didn't work! It is the first time that CCleaner have this beahvior with outlook! Do we have another way of doing this? Thanks
  8. Dear all, I use CCleaner for a long time on a daily basis. The actual version 2.28.1091 have a problem with Outlook, it removes all the personalisation eg. menu bar on message window. So, after running CCleaner I have to redo all my personalisationts to Outlook. Does anyone knows how to avoid this? Thanks.
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