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  1. Thank You hazlenut for considering and responding to my post. I'm running Windows 7 and almost exclusively use Chrome. Very occasionally use Firefox. Excellent suggestion. This eveening I'll try opening Internet Explorer and clearing the cache and temp files to see if it makes a difference. Thanks, K.
  2. It seems every time I select Run Cleaner the cleaning process sticks in one spot for a long time. This has been the way for quite some time, through many updates. Finally, the other day I actually paid attention to the process. The process always sticks on Internet Explorer. The whole cleaning process took 4:00 minutes and 2:45 was spent on Internet Explorer alone. I never use Internet Explorer, so what could CCleaner be cleaning at that point? Apparently this is something that is unique to my laptop. The other two desktops I use do not stick on Internet Explorer and the cleaning process on th
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