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  1. Well I guess I fixed it though I guess I'm confused why CCleaner isn't taking care of it. I went to FF privacy options and ticked "clear history when FF closes" went into settings and ticked all the boxes up top under history. Clear "form and search" history was not ticked to begin with. Hit ok and restarted FF. Went to maps.live.com and the suggestions were thankfully gone. Now normally I never use "clear history when FF closes" cause sometimes I may shut down FF and then come back and want to have those urls and whatever still come up from the previous session. Not to mention I thought CCleaner was talking care of clearing all that when I run it. ??
  2. I from time to time will go in and delete "places.sqlite" which will erase all search history left over in the side bar. I remember months and months ago noticing stray history was being left behind so I asked about this and manually deleting "places.sqlite" was suggested (tried finding the thread but it doesn't appear to be around anymore). May be it was your suggestion Dennis? Anyway, the address suggestions are not coming from the URL bar, those are guaranteed to be empty, they come up as I start entering an address in the Get Directions box at maps.live.com. I don't think location bar history has anything to do with what I'm talking about. I thought it could have been Form History but even unchecking that box did not help clear it suggestion as I hit that Get Directions box. No one else is experiencing this?
  3. mikeb

    Speccy crash

    Tried Speccy for the first time a few hours ago and it froze. Couldn't do anything not even Ctrl-Alt-Del. Had to hard reset as well then I tried it all again and same thing so I uninstalled it.
  4. Form history was checked. I unchecked it. Also checked for cookies from live.com and bing.com deleted those. Shut down. Ctrl-Alt-Del no signs of FF. Ran Ccleaner again. Went back to maps.live.com and still when I click on either of the "Get Directions" boxes I get a list of past searches. Weird thing is that is the only site where this happens.
  5. I'm using Firefox 3.5.9. Occasionally, I'll use maps.live.com which redirects to bing.com/maps. I'm never logged on to Hotmail or anything and I've used CCleaner prior to checking this, and YET for some reason old address searches still show up when I go to type an address (you know auto-fill in suggestions from past searches). I've even been going in and manually deleting "places.sqlite" from the Mozilla folder to get rid of the history that doesn't erase when you run CCleaner. Does this happen to anyone else??
  6. there's no mention of firefox "compact database" on there. oh well, i guess i won't use tick it. haha
  7. Unless I'm crazy, I seem to remember a help file/thread that listed what every check box in Ccleaner did. I can't find it now though and I'd like to know exactly what the "compact databases" check box for Firefox does. I hadn't upgraded ccleaner since v2.23.999 so it's new to me plus I'd like to check on a few other things. Thanks
  8. Yes, I'm aware of those sites and all searches lead to it not being possible. I guess I'm asking for a "hacking type perspective". Regardless of the machine used if there's known data on a disk there's gotta be a way of breaking it out of there. Maybe Recuva doesn't do it, but might something else? Actually I take that back that first sentence....I think I may have just found something to try that I missed the first time I searched over the first site.
  9. I just got an Akai MPC 2000xl sampler with a zip drive and apparently you can load sounds onto a fresh zip disk on your PC then take the disk over to the MPC and work with the files, create and save a song, but once you've saved your work onto the zip in the MPC you can't then take that zip disk back to your pc zip drive and retrieve the files from it. I guess the MPC does something to the disk's file system that renders the disk unreadable outside the actual MPC. I tried Recuva and it doesn't retrieve anything. My question is, because there is something on the disk, mostly wav files, in theory it should be possible to get that info off of there somehow yes/no? There's gotta be a way... This may be a bad analogy, but if you were to put a Mac based installation cd in a PC, wouldn't you still be able to read and retrieve that data even if you can't use it?
  10. Doh!! That was my problem! I completely overlooked that "Wipe Free Space" check box in the Windows tab simply because I thought I was doing just that with the Option ->Settings ->wipe free space drives tick boxes! And apparently I'd been using that feature incorrectly all along! haha The way I tested this time I took a few pics and vids then formatted the card in the camera then put the card in my pc and ran CCleaner WITHOUT having the folder in Options ->Include and then I ran Recuva and didn't see the files I did before. There was one large file that was around 485mb, the card is 512mb, that I exported and tried checking and apparently it was nothing. I don't know what the deal is with that file cause I didn't see it before. But anyway, yeah it worked. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!
  11. Yes I have. So either I'm doing something wrong or Ccleaner is not doing its duty . Btw, before I started this I updated CCleaner and got the latest Recuva.
  12. I've tried by Option->Include together with Wipe Free Space, Wipe Free Space alone, and Option->Include alone And I still find files after running Recuva. Oh and I stepped it down to 3 passes. I ran 35 originally to see if it would slate the card. In Analysis Complete, should there be a listing for "__ space wiped free"??
  13. Okay, let me start by saying I'm not sure if this is a Recuva (being too good) or a Ccleaner issue. I have a Sandisk Ultra II SD card for my camera and today I decided to try Recuva for the 1st time. First thing I did was format the card in the camera and then put it in my pc card reader and ran Recuva "deep scan". It found a few videos as if they had never been deleted. Awesome right? Well, then I took a few pics and vids, put the card back my pc...ran ccleaner after going to "include" and selecting the location where the flash card is on my pc and I had ccleaner do 35 passes on it. I then check the card again with Recuva "deep scan" and all the vids show up! So my question is what's going on? Ccleaner wen thru the motions of doing the 35 passes so this just surprised me! Is it Recuva that's so darn great or Ccleaner that's not doing the adequate job? How can we securely delete flash cards?
  14. mikeb

    Winamp cleaning

    Is this still the case with Winamp v5.56? I was messing with the Winamp internet browser and can't find references to any cleaning process. So a few months from now I should clean install Winamp? Man, seems Winamp needs to get their stuff together and correct this.
  15. Wow! I just did a quick search and there's quite a few things up there. Thanks for the heads up on that!
  16. I had a situation a while back where room on my drive was low and so I saved a few dvd's full of music and when I got my Ipod I would load 1 music dvd onto my drive then load my ipod....delete that batch off my drive...load another...save to ipod....etc. I think what happens is the Ipod would look for those files on the drive and they're not there. They were orphaned I guess. I never saw how to stop that. It was quite annoying. I can't say I like to spend time with Itunes , so I don't know if there's a way to get the songs off the Ipod back onto the drive, or a way to index so itunes knows it's not an error.
  17. I absolutely hate it. I think it can be improved. I suppose the store part is alright but as far as file management I think it stinks. I haven't searched out an alternative though. If tagging wise it did what mp3tag does I'd be a happy man. For starters if you can tell me how to get rid of songs showing up in Itunes that aren't my drive anymore but are on my ipod that would be nice. How'd you disable Bonjour? I think that Bonjour makes my system buggy.
  18. Okay, my pc is officially insane. Yes if one can call Win XP bonkers....that's what mine is. The latest in this ordeal is that...the login screen shows up when it wants to at different boot ups. I might run ccleaner and shut down right now and when I reboot. There'll be no login screen....and tomorrow I may do the same and for no reason the log in screen will show up. The other thing is that...you know when you hit start>>>shut down>>>and the shut down options come up...well mine have changed. Where it used to be this: it's turned to this: Why? That's what I'd like to know...I think it changed styles when I went to control panel>>>user accounts. Still it makes no sense why the setting in Tweak UI keeps changing when I run Ccleaner. Only it's random!! Why am I plagued with this login screen all of a sudden? What the ef? I'm about to go on "Pierre Bernard's recliner of rage!" lol
  19. Cool. Thank you! ______________ So I implemented your suggestion earlier...it worked. I tested it! But now let's just say the login screen is back! What is going on in my world lately? I never used to have these problems! hahaha I just went to control panel/user accounts and changed the way user logs on...maybe that'll do it.
  20. Will this add a right click file delete option via ccleaner?? I really could use this feature!!! I used to use a small app called Secure File Shredder 3.2 before but I'd like to keep my system as streamlined as possible now. Not to mention it stopped being supported a few years ago. On the other hand if Recycle bin items ARE shredded I could live with deleted to the recycle bin where I had been setting up a folder specifically where I would put things I wanted shredded.
  21. I used tweakui to "log on automatically at system startup"...it's only me on this pc, and when I set ccleaner to clear "user assist history" (to clean out recent programs list) it also clears tweakui's setting so when I turn my computer on the dang log on screen is up. I noticed this a few days back when I posted about how to clear the recent programs list and using user assist was suggested only i didn't connect the dots because I'd been installing windows updates and stuff. But I just ran some checks and sure enough ccleaner is affecting tweakui. I don't remember having a problem with this ever until my recent reformat which has been interesting to say the least.
  22. mikeb


    The other day I screwed some setting up and couldn't log into a site and since I couldn't figure out how to get java working again I reinstalled it. I don't think you'll have a problem.
  23. Nice catch there! That last tip worked. I moved the file just outside the folder and restarted Firefox and they were gone. I noticed that that new sqlite file size was somewhat smaller. Could that be because of missing favicons? My problem was just seen when I would hit ctrl + h and view by site. I suppose that was view> sidebar> history? I think I might go back to FF 2.whatever. Things were so much less goofy then. haha
  24. I guess my Firefox is extra stubborn cause I've tried all these tips and still can't get rid of those folders. Actually, I have like 10 now.
  25. If you open up Firefox history (ctrl + H) and view "by site", I have 2 folders from sites that I've visited a few times. In other words, the folders don't show if you view by any option other than "by site." Hmm, I had FF set for "never remember history." I changed it "Custom settings for history." I don't know if that will help. Question: should FF clear history of should CCleaner? Thank you for mentioning User Assist. It worked.
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