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  1. So I built my first pc about a year ago now, ordered off newegg. I got a AMD 64X2 3800+ based system. I always read with newer cpu's "you gotta keep it cool!" So not really knowing much about cases, and sticking to a budget, I got what looked good, had a power supply, and came with two 80mm fans. One fan is at the top blows air out, another is on the side and takes air in. They're set up how it came. Oh, one fan has lights which I HAYYYYTE, but anyway that's not why I called. The issue is they're pretty loud compared to the pc I had prior that only had a fan on the cpu. Basically, I figured "well, more fans more noise" so I live with it. My question is how do you guys configure/place your fans? What fans do you use if they're after market? How many? Do you consider your pc quiet? This is the case I got, different color: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.as...pply+%2D+Retail Those lights on the front I had to disconnect, they were ridiculously bright. Unfortunately, I couldn't do the same for the fan.
  2. real audio, has a browser.
  3. Are you looking to test as you install components? My first build was early this year and I pretty much threw everything in that sucker and fired it up. The only thing I didn't hook up was my 2nd cd drive. I'd seen examples of others doing a build and I never saw reason to test as you go or "burn" anything in. I'd read articles from both sides of the issue and decided not to. My only c**k-up was not reading the mobo manual correctly and missing how to get into the bios to set boot order and such.
  4. Check one of those review sites. None of which I can remember now sorry!
  5. This may be worth a shot. Hopefully it'll help. go to RUN type: diskmgmt.msc and see if the drive shows up there. See if it's "online". Having not experienced this problem myself, I can't say what the fix will be. Hopefully, you can find a work around there.
  6. EDIT: Just mentioning that I got it to work, but I was having a problem getting the drive to show up in "my computer," but it WAS showing up in the Device Manager. I googled and saw a suggestion to "RUN type: diskmgmt.msc" and see if the drive shows up there. It did but it wasn't "online" so I changed that. And then I performed a quick format and it showed up in the list. Acutally, I'd also confused my initial purpose stated to add this second drive. I didn't need to transfer files FROM it I needed to transfer files TO it, but the drive was in a pc I had installed Suse 10. So I went ahead and slated the drive in the old pc, removed it, installed in my new system, set the jumper to slave and did the diskmgmt deal. All appears good now. Hope this helps someone out... Thanks
  7. Here's the deal, I want to transfer over some files from an old hard drive to my current system. My current drive is sata, and my old drive is IDE. Now, believe it or not, I've done this before, but I swear to you I can't remember how the heck I did it! The thing about me is if I don't mess with this type of stuff often I plain forget how. doh! Plus I think when I did it I had one cd drive and the one Sata hooked up. My system has 1 Sata drive, 2 cd drives, and a zip 250 which I can either disconnect or connect the Old hard drive to (as in inline with, whatever the technical term is for shared cable.) What I need to know is what should my jumper settings be on the old HD and the ZIP if I connect it to cable after the ZIP? What would the jumper setting be if the old HD is solo on that cable? Lastly, what would the BIOS settings be changed to? Thanks
  8. mikeb

    Videoplayer freeware

    VLC has some ridiculously annoying/terrible behaviors. For example, I go to adjust the contrast level on most movies i play, and as I adjust the contrast in the extended gui, the video window goes gray for a few seconds. Another thing is if I jump ahead or go back the video gets all ghosty and may result in a unexpected shut down. Oh and let me not forget the most annoying thing of all...if I have the VLC window expanded and I open up the extended gui the window resizes! And if you expand it again and then close the gui, it reduces again!
  9. I use FDM. I likes it lots. I had this experience once, I don't know what caused this, but I remember a while back downloading some junk using the standard Firefox deal and the speed was extra slow and I'm on broadband, so I thought I might as well throw it on FDM and the speed was way way quicker. Speaking of FDM, how do I add it for ccleaner to clear out the list? I tried a while back but it didn't work.
  10. mikeb

    convert to mp3

    Any good, and free, wav to mp3 converter and/or cd ripper out there? I've been searching but been only coming up with shareware stuff.
  11. Okay, so in the example I gave ideally a ratio of say 28/40 is WAY better/faster than 6/40? Or if the ratio was 6/10, and assuming the seeders had broadband, that's also a much better ration than 6/40?
  12. On torrents what's "seed/peer[All]" mean to your download's success? Am I understanding this correctly? Seed is the person(s) putting the file up, or the person(s) with the completed file peers are the people downloading from the seeds but they are also in a way seeding as well and All is everyone participating? If you complete downloading the file, you automatically become a seeder? If that's correct then what does this set of numbers mean 6/34[6/40]? I understand that the 40 means 40 possible peers could connect but why is that relevant if there are 34 connected as you download?
  13. Where could one go to find out what going rates for computer parts are? For example to find out how much a five year old system is worth? Anything better than scouring ebay?
  14. After playing with RK for a while I don't think I will continue using it. I noticed on my system that simply hovering over RK makes the cpu usage spike up a heck of a lot! I learned from their forum that adjusting the magnification eases this a bit but then it's not as fun to use. Then again maybe I am TOO accustomed to the windows task bar. Oh yeah, I know I initially wasn't reading what I should have in this thread cause Englishmen lists the apps/icons he used to mod his desktop. I was taken aback by the cleanliness of his desktop and missed all that other stuff. Thanks
  15. Okay, I just downloaded and I'm trying to to work out RK Launcher. I'm actually cool with that little application! It seems really visually pleasing. So I don't need to modify the shell or whatever for now. However, either I'm blind or I'm missing something obvious because it seems there's no true "How-to" or "help" file included with RK? Just as a newbie example, now that I got RK running what do I do with the Windows bar? Or how do I install docklets and modify the launcher? And If I got three instances of Firefox going how do I know which one i'm on if? Is this a matter of sifting thru their forums? Thanks
  16. Thanks, I'm gonna look into xmplay. I'm always trying to streamline my system.
  17. I don't know much about this stuff in fact I just got XP cause I built a system. I've used it before of course but not on my home pc. I do want to customize my xp desktop and shell (that's all the behind the scenes icons and stuff right?) to look something like what Englishman has here: http://img387.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitled11vk.jpg Does changing your desktop like this eat up more system resources, cause glitches, etc? Is it difficult to go back to the stock windows if it doesn't work out like I thought? Are yahoo widgets recommended or is that some crazy bloated deal? It seems there's more than one way to customize, any specific customizing programs should I stay away from? Does any of this customizing have anything to do with the Longhorn Transformation Pack? Thanks
  18. I love coming to this site cause I learn about stuff I had no I idea was out there. Question: Do either of these apps support seamless looping of a wav, mp3, or ogg (etc.) file? Thanks
  19. mikeb

    movie joiner?

    Anyone got a recomendation for a decent, free, movie clip file joiner. It seems all the ones I run across have some sort of limitation or have features I don't need. Something that'll join short clips of avi's, mpg's, mov's and maybe rm files too. Thanks
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