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  1. it seems to me that it's ALL about competition + sales
  2. before remembering to uninstall AVG (back in April) - KAV warned me about having other AVs in my PC + it was OK before with others bu NOT THIS TIME - ASAI got it downloaded it told me to reboot + it LOCKED up + could NOT boot up SO - I did a Safe Mode system restore back 1 day + that fixed it - then cleaned em ALL OFF + tryed KAV only again + it was too slow so now I use cheap + free stuff + Adaware too
  3. Ive got mine set to OFF too + notify me also UNinstalled WGA - maybe NOT completely - found part of it in Manage Add Ons list + disabled it hey - thanx for tips on updates = I'll try that too
  4. OK Mike - Ive done that + it was kind of easy too now I feel more secure
  5. Ive tried those 2 links + looks same as the 1 Ive dwnlded - just fine maybe try Ad-Aware AV or SpyBot + Ewido to see IF you've got a Malware type ReDirect Trojan or wutever it is ?
  6. looks like I dont need to Uninstall since my Windows XP is legal - it came pre-loaded on my eMachine it appears Hazelnut wuz being a bit drastic in the title after reading all these posts it could say Download this or yur ILLEGAL copy of Windows can put yur PC at risk by WGA
  7. Microsoft is getting sued in California for WGA
  8. Ive tried using that + the Uninstaller can NOT be found wher is it ?
  9. RAM

    Hello all!

    so which boxes did you UNcheck before deleting or (run cleaner) ?
  10. didn't need that info anyway
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