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  1. I dumped CC as soon as this started...... seems like years now. Although it is fun to log on here every once in a while and see that Piriform is still up to chasing away its users.
  2. Finally, today's new build has fixed this issue. Better late then never! haha
  3. D Bone

    avast question

    It would be nice if they would fix it some day...........One can only dream.
  4. D Bone

    avast question

    On my clean install with only avast! 8 ever installed, it still shows a check-box for version 6. It's been that way for a long time.
  5. I tried it using the Custom Location link in the post above but I must have done something wrong. Not sure what.
  6. Can anyone help me set up CCleaner Portable to only clean Comodo Dragon Portable's cookies? My machine is W7 x64 and both CCleaner Portable and Dragon Portable are "installed" (pasted) in my downloads folder...........Thanks in advance!
  7. I have added every single file that displays when I check "Internet History" to the exclude list and CCleaner still resets the setting. The only way it won't re-enable the setting is if I uncheck "Internet History" under the Google Chrome list in the applications Tab.
  8. 3 updates and no fix by Piriform. CCleaner is the only cleaner that re-enables this setting, so I'm guessing they don't consider it a problem or they don't actually read these posts. Either way it's a shame.
  9. Not sure what question you're referring to. I gave all of the information that is required, and all that a Piriform employee has to do is. 1) Verify what I'm saying buy unchecking that box, running the latest CCleaner, and then rechecking to see it re-enabled. They should be able to handle that. 2) Do the same procedure as above but with 3.22.1800, or any earlier version, and they'll see that the setting is unaffected. Again, I bet they can do it. 3) Look at what they changed from 3.22.1800 to 3.23.xxxx. Only they know this, I sure don't. 4) Fix it.
  10. I can confirm that the problem is till there, and I'm guessing that Piriform doesn't even recognize it as a problem. Back to SlimCleaner I guess.
  11. I see a that 3.24.1850 is out at various 3rd party outlets, can anyone confirm that this new version has fixed the problem?
  12. I updated to 3.23 and excluded all files that had "Network Action Predictor" anywhere in the name, and CCleaner still re-enabled the setting each and every time??
  13. I am still using 3.22.1800 with no issues resetting "Predict network actions to improve page load performance" like 3.23.1823. In build 3.22.1800 there is an entry that is cleaned named "C:\Users\D Bone\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Network Action Predictor 5 KB" and it doesn't reset the setting, so hopefully the developers will take a look at the differences when they changed to the new build and fix it for us. Any word from Piriform on whether or not they even consider this an issue?
  14. I want to be clear, that not only did I have the issue that I made my thread about, but I also experienced the same issue as the OP of this thread too, I just didn't make a thread about it because I reverted to the prior build, which fixed all of my issues. I don't want to come off as confrontational, and hope I'm not seen that way, but I just wanted to make sure you knew that I too experienced the problem in this thread. I will monitor this thread, as well as the one I started in hopes of a fix. Thanks for your time.
  15. It wasn't advice, but rather an observation that newer isn't always better. There was nothing wrong with the performance of the prior build, and in the quest to find a few more kb's of junk in Chrome, there now seems to be a step backwards. That might help the designers thought process for the next build.
  16. Yep, I reverted to 3.22.1800 due to issues with Chrome.................Sometimes it's best not to keep "improving, just to say we improved".
  17. i would like to see a "hide this entry" setting, where instead of just leaving it unchecked, i could also hide the selection so it wouldn't show up at all. of course, there would need to be a "restore entry" setting as well...........it would make for a cleaner interface.
  18. When I clean Chrome, the "Predict network actions to improve page load performance" setting always gets rechecked (enabled). I find that unchecking that setting makes for a quicker Chrome, but now CCleaner 3.23.1823 resets it each time its run. I reverted to the previous 3.22.1800 build and the issue is gone. Same thing happens with Dragon Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 English
  19. Great idea that should be implemented today!
  20. The new Defraggler is available at Majorgeeks, and the boot time issue has been fixed..........Thanks for the quick work guys! LINK REMOVED, NOT AN APPROVED DOWNLOAD SITE (see below)
  21. Yep, some of us like things to work, go figure.
  22. Not to pile on, and I know things happen, but I have done the same thing. I just can't help but wonder if something so obvious was missed in development, then what else was missed too. To be honest, I've lost a bit of confidence in Defraggler.
  23. I doubt it matters, but I have UAC disabled on my W7 Home Premium x64 SP1 machine.
  24. That was a long time between updates, and I would've thought this bug would have been identified and fixed long before today's release.
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