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  1. It's the first time I see that tab LOL! Ccleaner would not do this automatically but it looks like that would do the same as using msconfig directly. Up to you which items to disable. Some will be crucial for correct functioning of your hard/software. Here's a website that can help you: http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup_search.php In the end, you can do all this but not gain a lot from it. Consider re-installing Windows if you keep having troubles. Might save you time and energy.
  2. All sensible replies. If it were me I'd start with some general stuff: -restore backup registry through ccleaner if possible -temporarily disable or even uninstall all protection (one by one re-install but like said, Avast alone should be 'sufficient') -check msconfig / services.msc for unneeded startup-items / processes Also check your task-manager (ctrl-alt-del) for processes eating up too much resources.
  3. Not sure if it's better now as you defragmented. Is this about your boottime by the way? If so, are we talking seconds, minutes?
  4. You know what? Although I already settled for it you have a good point. It is not ideal. I use PE/TM for exact the same reason as you do: to have a visual indication of cpu usage in tray. While TM has always been sufficient, PE was needed for some troubleshooting some time ago and I then stuck with it. The batch file actually does a fine job and it even seems to do a faster job at shutting down. Nevertheless.. reconsidering! Thanks. Btw, is it me or did you notice a difference in cpu indication between the two as well?
  5. I did not test it thoroughly but it worked without any problem in the time PE was not running.
  6. No reason to not keep UPHClean I posted the issue over at the Sysinternals forum and the suggestion is to create a batchfile to run Ccleaner and shutdown. Let's see where that takes us. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Unfortunately UPHClean did not solve the problem. I suspect that Sysinternals ProcessExplorer is causing this. I have replaced the default task manager with that one. For now I have it disabled to see if that indeed solves it.
  8. @Dennis: allright, sounds like a plausible solution. If I'm not reporting back then this has worked. @Super Fast: indeed, it helps Quick shutdown is up and running already though. Thanks the both of you.
  9. Hi, I am on XP Pro SP3, latest version of Ccleaner. Problem is that /auto /shutdown does not always power-off the pc. I just read this thread but I am not sure if the info applies to me. Could someone clarify why it does not work or help fix it without having to use another app. Thanks
  10. moriez


    Haven't tried DuckDuckGo for more than five minutes myself so did not really give it a chance. Instead I am still using Google but with the GoogleSharing add-on for Firefox which mixes your searches with other GoogleSharing users so that Google cannot track what you have been searching for. Just so you know
  11. Sorry, this isn't CCleaner related. It's the BetterPrivacy add-on for FireFox. Case closed.
  12. After using Ccleaner, the control panel settings of the latest flash player are deleted. So, they are not remembered. This guy already found it out a while ago but I don't get his workaround. Could someone help me or suggest an alternative? Thanks!
  13. That.. ..and this. I am quite sure this will be fixed pretty soon as it's simply unclear that Thunderbirds passwords will be deleted. Thanks.
  14. Actually I am thinking why a 'full' registry cleaner isn't in effect. So it would take a bit longer to clean out the registry. Who cares? I would only want to do it once in some many days/weeks anyway. Some intelligent scanning (like excluding the Netscape entries for example) should not be a prob for this team. If you say CCleaner you'd expect it to be thorough and complete. Your thoughts?
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